Chappy Town Column

Chappy Town Column: Sept. 4

Most mornings I am up early, often just as the sun begins to rise.

Chappy Town Column: August 28

Slip Away Farm is sponsoring fundraisers in support of the Black community and the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Chappy Town Column: August 21

In summers past, this was the week of Illumination Night and the Oak Bluffs fireworks. The fair would already be behind us.

Chappy Town Column: August 14

My affiliation with Dick Knight had many aspects. Sometimes it got me into trouble.

Chappy Town Column: August 7

Keep doing your rain dances, all.

Chappy Town Column: July 31

Anyone that depends upon the Chappy Ferry should make a habit of keeping track of the hurricane situation this time of year.

Chappy Town Column: July 24

Blueberry season is here!

Chappy Town Column: July 17

The grey seal that we normally see in the cooler months is still lolling around in the harbor.

Chappy Town Column: July 10

Two weeks ago, Chappaquiddick suddenly, unexpectedly and sadly lost one of our longtime year-round residents.

Chappy Town Column: July 3

There are more than 10 plover nests and groups of chicks between the Dike Bridge, around Wasque and along the length of Norton Point.