Chilmark Preschool

Emergency Child Care

The Chilmark Preschool is offering emergency exempt child care services for all eligible emergency workers, essential workers and vulnerable families, seven days a week.

New Director at Chilmark Preschool

Chilmark Preschool has named Ursula Costin as the school’s new director.

Preschool Open House

Preschool Open House

The Chilmark Preschool is hosting an open house on Saturday, May 19, from 9 to 11 a.m.

Meet the teachers, tour the facility, and learn about the curriculum. It’s never too early to start learning calculus, you know.

Actually, the Chilmark Preschool prides itself on a play-based program. It serves children ages 2 years, nine months to 5-years-old, Island-wide. For more details, call 508-645-2562, extension 110.


Preschool Party and Everyone’s Invited

It’s an annual rite of spring, the Chilmark Preschool celebration fundraiser. For those who haven’t attended, this is not just another face-painting, pony riding, food and gameapalooza. It is also the place to get your baby chicks.

Every year a great crop of young birds is on display. Kids get to pet the baby chicks and, if you’re that kind of parent, take them home and start setting up the coop.

The event runs from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Chilmark Community Center.

Preschool Enriches Elementary Learning

When four-year-old Dashiell Christy begins his day at the Chilmark Preschool, he decides which activity he wants to do first - playdough, blocks, or maybe making a pot of pretend coffee in a miniature kitchen.

This morning, Dashiell - or Dash, as his classmates call him - chose blocks.

Choice is a central tenet of the Chilmark Preschool philosophy, as laid out by director Christine Abrams.

Task Force Team Presents Chilmark Preschool Plan to Bolster Enrollments

Armed with the results of an anonymous survey that praised the Chilmark School for it small class sizes and strong sense of community but was critical of its leadership, communication and staff turnover, the chairman of a fledgling school task force unveiled a report last night, urging regional school board members to take action on more than a dozen areas of concern.