Chilmark Road Race

Pandemic Disrupts Chilmark Road Race

Adding to a long list of summer cancellations due to the pandemic, road race organizers announced Wednesday that the race will not be held as usual this year.

Good Deed

We participate in the Chilmark Road Race every year.

Perfect Weather Conditions Shine on Chilmark Road Race

Hugh Parker, a 29-year-old runner from New York city, won the 42nd annual Chilmark Road Race with a time of 15:40:20.

Community of Runners Revs Up for Chilmark Road Race

The Chilmark Road Race marks its 42nd year on Saturday — much-loved annual tradition in the run for the lobster.

Winner Takes the Lobster in 41st Chilmark Road Race

Tristan Forsythe, 18, charged ahead to cross the finish line first in the Chilmark Road Race Saturday morning.

Chilmark Road Race Turns Forty One Years Young

The first Chilmark Road Race stepped off in 1978. On Saturday at 10:30 a.m. the tradition continues on the hills of Middle Road.

High Spirits, Quick Feet at 40th Annual Chilmark Road Race

Rain stopped just before the start of the annual road race Saturday. Benjamin Bosworth, 22, was the fastest runner of the day. Sheridan Wilbur won the women's division for the fourth year in a row.

Chilmark Road Race Is 40 Years Young

For 40 years, Hugh Weisman has been measuring Middle Road, spray painting markers, ordering T-shirts, collecting prizes and organizing the Chilmark Road Race.

Ode to the Road Race

Free the lobsters. A poem inspired by the Chilmark Road Race.

Runners Beat the Heat at Chilmark Road Race

Corey Kunz ran away with first place in the 39th annual Chilmark Road Race on a morning full of sunshine, sweat and, of course, lobsters.