Chilmark Town Column

Chilmark Town Column: Sept. 4

hey may only call Menemsha home for a couple of years, but the young folks stationed here with the Coast Guard make a conscious effort to become members of the community.

Chilmark Town Column: August 28

One week ago, Brooks headed offshore on f/v Sinful.

Chilmark Town Column: August 21

In the early morning hours on Tuesday, I lay listening to the thunder rolling across the Atlantic.

Chilmark Town Column: August 14

Zoe Thompson completed her 3.1-mile crossing to raise funds for LifeFlight of Maine.

Chilmark Town Column: August 8

This is the week we would have had the opportunity to enjoy the sixth-annual Meet the Fleet.

Chilmark Town Column: July 31

Between the hours of 9 a.m. and 9 p.m., all who are out and about in Menemsha must wear a mask or face covering.

Chilmark Town Column: July 24

It came out of nowhere, stirred up by a gust of wind, and stopped abruptly when it connected with the back of my head.

Chilmark Town Column: July 17

Driving around town can be a challenge with increased vehicular traffic, trucks towing trailers, mopeds, joggers, dog walkers and bicycle riders.

Chilmark Town Column: July 10

Just a few short days after completing a century of life, Betty Eddy’s son, Bill, shared with me that she had completed her walk on earth.

Chilmark Town Column: July 3

Frances Labaree thought a trip to Larsen’s to purchase fish for dinner was going to be quick and simple.