Chilmark Town Column

Chilmark Town Column: Nov. 1

Lee Ellsworth, formerly of Coast Guard Station Menemsha, was in town for a visit a short while back.

Chilmark Town Column: Oct. 25

Life for the Allen family, father Albert and mother Leonora, was about to change in October 1929.

Chilmark Town Column: Oct. 18

Our saltwater sportsmen are enjoying the last few days of derby fishing.

Chilmark Town Column: Oct. 11

The weather pattern was favorable for the first few weeks of fall but bright skies changed to swirling winds and storm clouds that seemed to inflate before my eyes over the Sound.

Chilmark Town Column: Oct. 4

Pale golden sunlight falls across the trees as they begin their autumnal change.

Chilmark Town Column: Sept. 27

Summer has managed to string itself along through this third week of September with its warm breezes, fish jumping, sailboats skimming along the water, toes in the sand and bodies in the surf.

Chilmark Town Column: Sept. 20

The Smith family was in full force this past weekend flocking to town to celebrate the marriage of Chris Smith and Alysha Norbury.

Chilmark Town Column: Sept. 13

It’s here. It’s here. I know I’ve been reminding you for weeks now, but the party we’ve been looking forward to is upon us.

Chilmark Town Column

The first week of September means the derby is fast approaching and anglers are counting down the days until it’s fish, fish, fish from sun up to sundown and then some. But before that, this week is back to school for our children.

Chilmark Town Column

It’s hard to imagine that it was 25 years ago that we gathered in the Allen Farm field overlooking Vincent Beach for a community photo to commemorate Chilmark’s 300th. On September 14, Chilmark turns 325, and we will celebrate with a family-friendly potluck dinner at the Chilmark Community Center. The doors will open at 6 p.m. to all those who’d like to join in the fun. There’s no dress code, no entry fee and no cover charge, but please whip up a dish to share and come as you are — with your dancing shoes over your shoulder in case the mood suits you.