Climate change

West Tisbury Surveys Residents on Emergency Prep

In pursuit of an upcoming grant opportunity, the town's climate advisory committee is seeking residents' responses to a survey.

Storm Tides Public Meeting Planned

Islanders can share local knowledge and learn more about the Storm Tide Pathways mapping project in a Zoom meeting Jan. 12.

Storms and Rising Seas: Edgartown's Risk Discussed

At a public meeting online Thursday afternoon, engineering consultants will present the findings from their study of Edgartown's vulnerability to sea level rise and storm surge.

Tisbury Eyes Future of Harbor Shoreline

A Zoom meeting Thursday looks at what it will take to make the shoreline of Vineyard Haven Harbor resilient over the next 50 years.

Major Coastal Resiliency Grants Go to Down-Island Towns

In a major step for coastal resiliency planning on the Vineyard, a combined total of nearly $400,000 in competitive, state grants were awarded to the three down-Island towns.

Climate Change: 50 Ways We're Taking Action Now

Is the glass half full or half empty? When it comes to climate change on Martha's Vineyard, you could certainly look at it both ways. For optimists, here are 50 different actions Vineyarders are already taking. For realists, read on to the end for 10 ways climate change is (and will) take its toll on our Island.

On Land and Sea, Change Is Coming

Island life is infused with the rhythm of the sea.

The Stormy Relationship Between Weather and Climate Change

On Monday night at the West Tisbury Library, Dr. Peter Neilley spoke about our changing climate, its impact on our Island and how modern weather and climate forecasts are made.

Woods Hole Climate Expert Delivers Urgent Message to MVC

At a special presentation to the Martha’s Vineyard Commission Thursday, Dr. Phil Duffy spelled out the grave state of the global climate crisis for the planet.

Islanders Urged to Prepare for Rising Seas

Islanders need to get ready now for the effects of global climate change, Oak Bluffs conservation agent Liz Durkee told an attentive audience at the town library Saturday afternoon. “The seas are going to rise. We are an Island community,” Ms. Durkee said.