Edey Conservation Grants Available

The Edey Foundation announces funds available for grants to Island nonprofit conservation organizations.

Sweeping Conservation Initiative Protects Rare Lands on Cuttyhunk

The initiative announced Monday will preserve nearly all the remaining undeveloped land on Cuttyhunk — including a large swath of unspoiled barrier beach, marsh and upland.

Back in the Sand at North Bluff Beach

For years, the North Bluff beach in Oak Bluffs has been slowly disappearing. Now all that has changed.

Conservation Patchwork Protects Morainal Lands in Aquinnah

The Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank has added nearly 40 acres of rolling hills, stone walls, wetlands and forest to its holdings off Lighthouse Road.

VCS Director Cites Conservation as Urgent Priority

Driving down Middle Road, the Vineyard may seem sparsely developed. An aerial view tells a different story.

Conservation Is a Proactive Force

In the 1970s, Vineyard conservationist Henry Beetle Hough suffered the greatest conservation defeat of his life.

To Conserve and Protect; Island Conservationists Say Cooperation Is Key

Since the founding of Sheriff’s Meadow in 1958, Martha’s Vineyard has become a world leader in conservation, with a several nonprofits working together to preserve the natural environment.

Lay of the Land as Seen Through Conservation and Agriculture

On Monday at the Agricultural Hall, farmers and conservationists gathered to talk about ways they can work together to shape the Vineyard's future with respect to the land.

VCS Celebrates 50 Years of Fighting to Protect the Island

In June 1965, conservationists concerned about development on the Lobsterville moors sent out letters to residents asking them to join the fight “to preserve the natural beauty of Martha’s Vineyard.” Fifty years later, the Vineyard Conservation Society endures, its mission unchanged.

Commission Marks 40 Years of Fighting for the Island

The Martha’s Vineyard Commission, heralded as a unique and powerful regional planning organization, often the source of controversy, celebrated a quiet 40th anniversary this year.