Felix Neck, Land Bank and Audubon Buy Moffet Land to Preserve Sanctuary Borders

Felix Neck, Land Bank and Audubon Buy Moffet Land to Preserve Sanctuary Borders

Gazette Senior Writer

In a three-way partnership that will protect the last key piece of undeveloped land at one of the oldest wildlife sanctuaries on the Vineyard, the Martha's Vineyard Land Bank, the Massachusetts Audubon Society and the Felix Neck Wildlife Trust announced yesterday that they will buy 34 acres from Lucia Moffet for $2.55 million.

Lobster Fishery Confronts Major Crisis; Officials Plan Strict Conservation Limits

With the American lobster in short supply in Vineyard waters, the state and federal governments are in the early stages of considering new minimum sizes and catch limits. Hearings are planned for later this summer.

Conservation Movement Seeks United Front

Leaders for the the new Conservation Partnership of Martha's Vineyard and the Martha's Vineyard Land Bank have pledged full cooperation with one another, announcing among other things that they will begin to hold regular meetings to exchange information pertinent to the conservation movement.

"The land bank is committed to meet with the partnership monthly, to talk about specific properties and also priorities," said land bank executive director James Lengyel.

Barnard’s Inn Farm Is Preserved

Prominent conservationists announced yesterday that they have acquired Barnard’s Inn Farm, a 60-acre parcel of land in West Tisbury that is highlighted by the arboretum created by Mary Louisa (Polly) Hill.
The property is important for several reasons. The farm is considered a key element in the rural stretch in the north part of town. It links several important pieces of conservation land.

Sheriff's Meadow Foundation Has History of Love for Island

The Sheriff's Meadow Foundation, now celebrating its 30th anniversary, owes its existence to the vision, courage and determination of two remarkable people: the late Henry and Elizabeth Hough. In 1920, Henry's father gave the Vineyard Gazette as a wedding present to the two young graduates of the Columbia School of Journalism. Active as managing editor of the New Bedford Evening Standard, the father had introduced Henry to the exciting possibilities of small-town community journalism.

Island Enters Into the Age of Land Bank

Starting Monday morning, buyers of Martha’s Vineyard real estate will pay two per cent of the purchase price to the Martha’s Vineyard land bank. Tisbury voters yesterday followed the other five Island towns by endorsing the measure designed to raise money for preserva­tion of natural and recreational resources.
The Dukes County commissioners this morning were to appoint one person from each Island town to the land bank commission. The state secretary of environmental affairs will appoint a seventh member.

Upon A Pole Our Vineyard Osprey Nest

The osprey, once a seriously threatened Vineyard bird, has made a significant recovery. The osprey population on the Vineyard has doubled and doubled again in recent years. The recovery comes from a well proven nesting pole program developed by Gus Ben David, director of Massachusetts Audubon’s Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary.

Vineyard Groups Forge Agreement For Conservation

In a move expected to give Vineyard conservation interests unprecedented strength in shaping the Island’s future, the Vineyard Conservation Society, the Vineyard Open Land Foundation, the Sheriffs Meadow Foundation, the Martha’s Vineyard Garden Club and the Trustees of Reservations are shaping an agreement that will allow them to share their strengths and resources.

Island Center Honors Name of Supporter

Mary P. Wakeman, a woman who has devoted herself to the cause of conserva­tion on Martha’s Vineyard, was the guest of honor Saturday when Island conserva­tionists gathered at Cranberry Acres to celebrate her 82nd birthday and to start a fund-raising campaign for the Mary P.

Vineyard’s Open Land Foundation Becomes Reality

With the recording of an agreement and declaration of trust last week, the Vineyard Open Land Foundation, first proposed in the Gazette of April 17, became a reality.
The agreement and declaration were signed by 12 original trustees: Jerome B. Wiesner, Mary P. Wakeman, Anne P. Hale, Herbert E. Tucker Jr., Robert E. Simon Jr., Edward J. Logue, Hans F. Loeser, William M. Honey, Henry Beetle Hough, Kevin Lynch, James F. Alley and Joseph G. Kraetzer. The eventual board will number not more than 21.