The Vineyard Forest Reserve

With the latest acquisition of land by the state, the order of tak­ing of which by the Department of Conservation was published in last week’s paper, the forest reserve on Martha’s Vineyard comprises about 5000 acres. Encircling the heath hen reservation, which consists of 640 acres, this tract extends over the eastern plain lands, the least valuable of any land on the Island.

Martha’s Vineyard Garden Club

At the invitation of its vice president, Mrs. William M. Butler, the Martha’s Vineyard Garden Club met at her summer home, “Mohu”, on August 12th.

Reforesting Begins On Vineyard

Over 700,000 two and three year seedlings of pine and poplar are to be planted on the State Reservation this summer. The work, which is now in progress, is being done under the state Bureau of Forestry.
The tiny trees are planted in beds at first, and then, as they grow larger and stronger, are transplanted, being placed in spots best calculated to insure rapid and healthy growth.

To Preserve the Heath Hen

The State, acting through the fish and game commission, has under consideration the purchase of the 600-acre farm of Antone Andrews, located on the Martha’s Vineyard plain, near Little Pond some three miles from Edgartown, for the purpose of establishing on the tract a state reservation for the better protection of the heath hen, or pinnated grouse. As is well known, the few fowl of this species on the Vineyard are the last of this famous branch of the grouse family. Nowhere else in the world are these heath hen found.