Becalmed for the Holidays? Set Sail With a Nautical Feast

One thing we islanders all have in common, of course, is boats, and each year I take to the sea with a list of books about boating and sailing.

Joy of Conch Cookery Is a Recipe for Tasty Island Living

Chef Deon Thomas’s Island Conch Cookery, chronicles the results, with dozens of recipes for the humble northern sea snail.

Everyone Wins When Chocolate Every Day Is the Healthy Way

Eat chocolate every day. Yup, you read that right. Every day.

Eating Her Way Through New England; Research Can Be Such a Delicious Read

Chefs and eaters everywhere rejoiced when Sarah Leah Chase published New England Open-House Cookbook in 2015, after a hiatus of nearly two decades.

Going to the Heart of Cooking, Kitchen Tables of Ancient Kings

James Beard award-winning cookbook author Joan Nathan’s new cookbook, King Solomon’s Table, is filled with recipes as resplendent as those prepared for the fabled royalty.

Going Green Starts on the Plate with Simple Suppers

Vegetables are the stars of Susie Middleton’s new cookbook Simple Green Suppers, taking Ms. Middleton and the reader back to her food-obsessed roots.

Family Dinners Are Still an Option for Hectic and Harried Parents

Feeding a Family is as much a game plan for an entire year of dinners as a cookbook. Sarah Waldman’s new cookbook presents full menus, a main dish, a suggested side, and sometimes dessert.

Someone's in the Kitchen with Shirley

I received my first cookbook from a college friend in 1947, a few months before I quit school and married Johnny Mayhew.

Beetlebung Farm Cookbook Wins James Beard Award

Chris Fischer’s cookbook, published last spring, was honored this week with a James Beard Award for American Cooking.

Making Fast Dinners Without a Fuss; It's the Holy Grail for Every Family

What’s for dinner? That’s the question the four Pollan family women kept finding themselves asking one another. The Pollan Family Table, written by Corky Pollan and her daughters Lori, Tracy and Dana, was the answer.