To Serve, Protect and Teach Spinning

Oak Bluffs chief of police Erik Blake took the outside route to inside bicycling. Now he teaches a Tuesday morning spin interval class at Blitz Fitness in West Tisbury.

Ride the Vineyard Circumnavigates Island for Multiple Sclerosis

More than 600 cyclists showed up at Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School on a sunny, breezy morning to raise money for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and the Boys' and Girls' Club.

Where Buddha Meets the Bicycle

George Bernard Shaw once said, “You see things, and you say, Why? But I dream things that never were and I say, Why not?” For Kimberly Cartwright, founder and owner of the indoor cycling studio Om of Motion, the quotation carries weight. “Om is my Why not?’” Ms. Cartwright states on her website,

Summer Symbolism

It’s a mistake to think that all significant events are unusual or out of the commonplace, or surrounded by some sensational circumstances. Take a man or a woman rounding a corner on a bicycle. That looks, maybe, like a pretty routine occurrence. But perhaps it isn’t.

John Schiling

Putting Their Mettle to the Pedal In the Fight Against Cancer

At 5:30 in the morning, most of the tires on the road are bicycle wheels. Cyclists hit the pavement early, avoiding the hassles of traffic and marveling at the dawn glow that bathes the Island. Some cyclists are commuting to work, some are out for a quick pedal, some are preparing for future competitions.

Bike Week

It’s spring and time to take to the road. But instead of hitting the fossil fuels, use your legs as gas. In other words, jump into Bike Week, happening all over Massachusetts next week.

Here on the Vineyard, Phil Hughes from Wheel Happy Too is joining the YMCA’s after-school prgram on Monday, May 15, at 3:45 p.m. to give a presentation on the importance of proper bike etiquette. The event is for children ages five to eleven.

For more details, call 508-696-7171, extenion 108 or visit

Joy of Cruising Through Life Two Perfect Wheels at a Time

A few weeks ago I went on a bike trip to Woods Hole with a group from The Anchors in Edgartown. We rode the bike path to North Falmouth and back, a pretty ride past a stretch of beach and a varied landscape of woods, fields and cranberry bog. As I pedaled along, shifting my 18 gears, a helmet planted firmly on my head, I remembered my first trip to Martha’s Vineyard. I arrived then on a three-speed Raleigh with an army surplus saddlebag slung over the rear fender and nothing but hair on my head.

bicycling lane

Kicking Bike Lanes to the Gutter Not Safe

As a cyclist, I am sadly accustomed to abuse, including ignorant and aggressive drivers (thankfully rare on the Vineyard), so-called bike paths that are substandard in design and upkeep, and the overall attitude (despite law to the contrary) that I’m a second-class road user. Even here in Edgartown, the town has put up illegal stop signs on the bike paths (and ignored pleas to remove them), and illegally tries to exclude cyclists from a section of Pease’s Point Way (a ham-fisted response to a fatality some years back).

Bikes Out in Skatepark Reversal as Insurance Becomes a Problem

Less than two months after earning rights to share the new Martha's Vineyard Skatepark, bikers are once again being told to keep out.

The reversal came Monday night during an emotional parks department meeting moments after commissioners heard pleas from teenage bikers anxious to stay in the park. In the end, commissioners bowed to the advice of Oak Bluffs' insurance agent and town counsel to ban bikers.

Stunt Bicyclists Win Skatepark Access; Peaceful Coexistence Is Now Goal

It was built for skateboarders after a grassroots effort that lasted years, but less than three months after the Martha's Vineyard Skatepark opened in Oak Bluffs, the skaters are dealing with some uninvited guests - bicyclists.