Dancing to the Beat of a Hard History

This Saturday, Camille A. Brown and dancers perform Black Girl: Linguistic Play at the Performing Arts Center. It is the third part in a dance trilogy, the second of which, Ink, was presented last Friday at the Yard.

Spindrift Dance Recital

Spindrift Dance Studio’s annual recital is Friday, June 30 at 7 p.m. and Saturday, July 1 at 2 p.m.

There's No Place Like the Imagination

At The Home Show last Friday night, Abby Bender emerged out of the elevator of the Oak Bluffs Public Library, waded through the crowd with a trash bag clutched to her chest and headed down the stairs.

Rise Dance Company Presents Award-Winning Show

Dancers from the 2017 Rise Dance Company perform their award-winning competition choreography on Sunday, March 19.

Everybody Dance Now at Built on Stilts

Abby Bender never imagined Built on Stilts growing into the eight-night Island phenomenon it is today.

Dancing to the Beat of a Hard Subject

The Everett Company is bringing their latest work, Freedom Project, to the Vineyard on Saturday as part of the Yard's winter dance program.

Built on Stilts and Built to Last; Dance Fever Hits Union Chapel Again

Beginning this Thursday, Union Chapel in Oak Bluffs will be filled with the sounds of dancing feet, rhythmic drumming and thunderous applause as the Island gathers once again for the annual Built on Stilts dance festival.

Dancing to the Beat of the Funny Bone

“It’s not easy to find comic dance,” acknowledged David White, the artistic director of The Yard. Nevertheless, Mr. White has worked hard to put together a wide collection of acts for the Women Dance the Comic series at The Yard running until July 25.

Moving With the Flow, New Dance Studio Embraces Art of Free Expression

Sandy Stone-Benjamin fell in love with dance in the third grade, and later went on to perform with the Paul Taylor Dance Company. Recently, she opened the Spindrift dance studio where she teaches modern dance, jazz, ballet and tap.

At the Yard This Summer

The Yard has announced its summer 2015 programing schedule. The season runs from May through September.