David McCullough

At 85, Historian David McCullough Is a Pioneer In His Own Right

A man, 85 years old with far more than a century of stories to tell, walked toward a small shed behind his humble, white-shingled house on Music street. David McCullough had another story to tell.

David McCullough Wins Christopher Award

David McCullough has received a Christopher Award for The American Spirit: Who We Are and What We Stand For.

American Spirit Is a Living Thing

History, I like to think, is a larger way of looking at life. It is a source of strength, of inspiration. It is about who we are and what we stand for.

David McCullough Helps Make History Soar

More than 100 people gathered in the West Tisbury Grange Hall on Tuesday to hear David McCullough talk about his new book, The Wright Brothers. Tickets sold for $100, with all profits going to the West Tisbury Library.

Presidential Medal of Freedom Awarded to David McCullough

Presidential Medal of Freedom Awarded to David McCullough

David McCullough, the prize-winning historian and West Tisbury resident whose acclaimed works of nonfiction have all been written from his home off Music street, will receive the prestigious Presidential Medal of Freedom at a White House ceremony next week.

An August David McCullough Carries Audience Back in Time

An August David McCullough Carries Audience Back in Time

By James Kinsella
Gazette Senior Writer

Millions of American minds carry the image: George Washington, resplendent in uniform, resolute in countenance, gazing steadfastly ahead, the Stars and Stripes partly unfurled behind him, the boatmen pushing ice cakes away from the rowboat in which he is standing.

Save the ice cakes, it is an image that is almost totally inaccurate, historian David McCullough said.

David McCullough Wins Pulitzer for Adams Book

The eminent biographer and historian who is a year-round resident of the Vineyard, won the Pulitzer Prize this week for his biography of John Adams.