Dr Daniel Fisher House

De. Daniel Fisher House renovation

First Island House with Bathtub Needs to Keep Out Water Now

The Daniel Fisher House, a highly regarded historic Federal house on Main street in Edgartown, will undergo significant renovations in the coming weeks. 
In addition to the roof being re-shingled with thick red cedar shingles, the chimney tops will be taken down and rebuilt. New ornamental woodwork that hasn’t been seen on the building for years will be installed. The ornamental trim that ran around the eaves of the roof and dates back to the house’s origin already was removed by crane last month. 

Funds Are Sought for Saving Effort

The trustees of the two-year-old Martha’s Vineyard Preservation Society have begun a campaign - low-key, by mail - for funds and something besides.
“At the moment we are preparing a federal tax exemption application requesting tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service,” says a letter signed by trustees Paul R. Anderson and C. Stuart Avery. “In making this request we are anxious to show the Internal Revenue Service that what started out as an interest of a group of people does have public support and is likely to continue to do  so.”

Details Prove the Care Taken with Fisher House Restoration

The columns on the Dr. Daniel Fisher house in Edgartown could not be called fakes, because they certainly have done their job of holding up the portico for over 130 years. They are better called copies, for originally they were designed for the Tower of Winds built in Athens from 100 to 35 B. C., and they come highly recommended by Asher Benjamin, who was the godfather of this period of American architecture.

Edgartown Mansion Will Be Preserved

An agreement to sell Edgartown’s handsome Dr. Daniel Fisher house on Main street, built in 1840 for that great whaling era figure, has been reached between Island Properties, who president is Dr. Alvin M. Strock, its owner for the past seven years, and a newly formed nonprofit corporation, the Daniel Fisher Corporation.

Dr. Fisher House Bought By Strocks

The Dr. Daniel Fisher house next to the Methodist Church in Edgartown, a noble Greek revival mansion which has been for many years one of the landmarks most closely associated with the character of the town, has been sold by Alfred Hall to the Strock family. Dr. Alvin E. Strock told the Gazette yesterday that there were no immediate plans for the future of the property other than that it will be preserved in its present dignity and tradition. Mr. and Mrs. Milton Wend will continue to be tenants.

To Insure Future of Notable House

An agreement was signed early this week for the purchase of the Roger S. Robinson house on Main street, Edgartown, by Alfred Hall, representing a group interested in maintaining the character and traditional values of the town. Mr. Hall said that this was his only concern as to the property.

Faris House Will Be Year-Round Residence

The noble Georgian mansion on Edgartown’s Main street changed hands last weekend and is now the property of Mr. and Mrs. Roger S. Robinson of Miami, Fla. The sale, which was made through Avery and Company, includes the large grounds and the furnishings. A summer house, garage, pool and orchard are among the perquisites of the place.

Hospital Presented with a Georgian Mansion

One of the most beautiful and perhaps the most imposing of the Vineyard’s old houses is to be presented by its present owners, Mr. and Mrs. Martin B. Faris of East Chop and New York, to the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, whose trustees voted last week to accept this handsome gift.

More About Dr. Fisher; His House, His Character

More memories of Dr. Daniel Fisher, whose place in Vineyard life was interestingly told in an article by Martin B. Faris, present owner of the beautiful Dr. Fisher House at Edgartown, published in a recent issue of the Vineyard Gazette, are contained in a letter written to Mr. Faris by Henry Franklin Norton. By permission of Mr. Norton and Mr. Faris the letter is presented here as a postscript to the earlier article.

Gave Time and Funds To Island Improvements

A few years ago a newspaper cartoonist, who was portraying the childhood beginnings of many noted figures in American life, depicted William M. Butler, then United States senator, as he may have looked as a boy selling newspapers in Edgartown. The cartoonist’s choice might have fallen upon the old Hathaway, Soule & Harrington shoe factory in New Bedford where Mr. Butler was employed as an office boy in the fall of 1878; or it might have inked in that scene when Mr.