Hustle Over to Dreamland for Charter School Benefit

There was Something in the Air Tonight when Sweet Child of Mine said to me Let’s hop the Crazy Train, find some West End Girls and Rock the Casbah.

Dreamland Brings on the Reggae Beat

His father is the singer Chronicle, and for awhile he was Little Chronicle. But as he found his own way in the music business, he needed his own name. Enter Chronixx.,

Chronixx wrote his first song at age 5, and recorded his first single when he was 11. In April he released The Dread and the Terrible Project, and on July 3 he is bringing his reggae world to Martha’s Vineyard. Some say he is the biggest act to come out of Jamaica in decades.

Chronixx and the Zincfence Redemption are playing Dreamland in Oak Bluffs on Thursday at 9 p.m.

Wear Your Costume to Artist Ball

A special event that wraps up the Fall for the Arts monthlong celebration, the Artist Ball, begins at 7 p.m. at Dreamland in Oak Bluffs on Sunday, Oct. 27. The night celebrates Vineyard artists and all those who help make the Island an artistic mecca. Costumes are optional but keep in mind there will be prizes awarded.

Marla Blakely introduces the Frank Wilkins Band and presides over the festivities. Also planned for the evening is the installation of Whatever the Outcome, which features the work of Walker Roman.

Shark-Tagging Scientists to Speak Sunday at Dreamland

Scientists heading a worldwide shark-tagging research project will visit to the Vineyard Sunday to meet the public and answer questions.

Above the Din, an Apology

A short while ago Dreamland was rented out for a benefit concert featuring Lori McKenna. Our venue was bought out by the host of the concert, and unlike many of our other shows, we transferred all authority over the room to the benefit coordinators. They did an amazing job marketing and promoting the show, put together some outstanding talent and raised money for such an amazing cause.

Barrington Levy Packs a Punch at Dreamland

“When I say Barrington, you say Levy!” shouted a man onstage wearing gold-framed sunglasses. “Barrington!”

“Levy!” the crowd roared back at him.

The chant continued, ultimately dissolving into raucous cheering as Barrington Levy, reggae revolutionary, took the stage at Dreamland in Oak Bluffs on Friday night.

martin sexton

Martin Sexton to Perform at Dreamland

Earlier this summer, Dreamland in Oak Bluffs opened up as a large venue music space. The new club has been very active, hosting numerous local bands throughout the summer, a CD release party for Ben Taylor and a DJ night featuring Questlove of The Roots.

And now on Friday, August 31, Dreamland hosts Martin Sexton.

Dreamland Returns

Nectars? Hot Tin Roof? Yesterday’s news.

Tonight, Friday the 13th, Dreamland returns.

The brainchild of the man behind Sharky’s and the Martha’s Vineyard Chowder Company, Dreamland is stepping into the music void and welcoming all comers. Phil daRosa is onboard as the entertainment and talent buyer for this 5,300 square foot space, located above the Chowder Company, at 9 Oak Bluffs avenue.


Dreamland Comes True Again

Dreamland Comes True Again

Some thought it would never return, put to rest some 100 hundred years ago by forces unknown and many. But it never died. It simply waited, quietly and patiently, biding its time for new blood to be pumped into its walls and floors and ceilings and speakers. The time has come. After all, the landscape is clear, most contenders to the throne are both near and distant memories.

Nectars? Hot Tin Roof? Yesterday’s news.

Tonight, Friday the 13th, Dreamland returns. Don’t say you weren’t forewarned.


Summer Lineup of Music Planned for Dreamland

The historic Dreamland building in Oak Bluff may soon be more than just a fading facade seen from the street.

JB Blau, a well-known Island businessman and restaurant owner, has announced plans to turn the second floor of the building into a music and entertainment spot. A grand opening is planned for July 13 with a group of Island bands, followed by a summer-long lineup of entertainment that includes comedy acts, a CD release party and more musical events.