Dredging and More: Public Works Projects Abound on Island

From massive dredging and beach renourishment in Oak Bluffs and Edgartown to renovations at the Gay Head Cliffs overlook, a number of public works improvement projects are under way around the Island this winter.

Dredging Aims to Restore Historic Herring Run

Dredging has begun at Herring Creek, the shallow run that connects Menemsha and Squibnocket Ponds, marking the final phase of a five-year project.

In Dredge Work, Edgartown Refines the Art of Moving Sand

The geomorphic processes of the Vineyard’s littoral belt are among the most varied on Earth. Meaning the Edgartown dredge has a lot of work to do.

Art of Dredging: Edgartown Crew Tackles the Job at Tashmoo

Tisbury has hired the Edgartown dredge crew for an emergency job in the Tashmoo channel. Using finely-tuned teamwork, the crew makes the sand flow.

Tashmoo Channel Dredging Still Possible

Impassable for some boats at low tide, the channel at Lake Tashmoo could be dredged this summer. But first there is red tape to untangle.

Edgartown Great Pond Comeback Is Communal Effort

The overall health of the Edgartown Great Pond has shown significant improvement over the past decade, according to a report released Tuesday from the nonprofit Great Pond Foundation.

Menemsha Channel Dredging Begins Anew

A long-running dredging project is back underway at Menemsha Channel with a new company at the helm. H&L Dredging of Bay Shores, N.Y., aims to complete a project that began two years ago.

Army Corps Terminates Dredging Contract

With the dredging of Menemsha Channel still unfinished after two years, the Army Corps of Engineers has terminated its contract with J-Way Inc. of Avon, Ohio.

Contractors Work Against Deadline on Menemsha Dredging

The Menemsha Channel dredging project is churning away as a Jan. 31 deadline for completion looms again.

Menemsha Dredging Resumes, but Winter Flounder Season Looms

J-Way Inc. has resumed dredging the Menemsha channel, though town officials are doubtful the job will be finished by Jan. 31.