Dukes County

County Budget Looks to Offset Loss of Alarm Fee Revenue

County leaders approved a $1.75 million county budget for the upcoming fiscal year, which includes $62,960 to offset a deficit due to the loss of alarm fee revenue.

County Budget Includes Money to Battle Substance Abuse

A $1.9 million county budget for the coming fiscal year will include a modest expenditure to battle substance abuse disorders on the Vineyard.

County Will Return Surplus Funds to Towns

The county will return $250,000 in surplus funds to the six Island towns this year, following an audit that turned up extra money in county coffers.

County Budget Decreases, State and Towns Will Pay More

The Dukes County commission voted this week to approve a $1.5 million budget for the coming fiscal year. The budget marks a 17.9 per cent decrease over last year due to the state takeover of administrative affairs for the county sheriff’s department. Last year the sheriff’s portion of the county budget totalled $300,000. Under the upcoming budget, total town assessments will drop from $649,279 to $492,739, county manager Martina Thornton told the commission at their meeting Wednesday.

Advisory Board Caps Spending on Lawsuit

The Dukes County advisory board this week approved a $4.4 million county budget for fiscal year 2006 with one caveat - the $25,000 earmarked for legal expenses cannot be used to fund future rounds in the ongoing legal battle between the county commission and the airport commission.