East Chop Drive

Selectmen Permanently Close Vulnerable Stretch of East Chop Drive

Oak Bluffs selectmen voted to permanently close East Chop Drive to vehicles; bicycles and pedestrians will still be allowed.

With Bluff Compromised by Storms, East Chop Drive Is Closed

East Chop Drive is closed until further notice due to further deterioration of the bluff caused by the recent gauntlet of northeasters hammering the coast.

East Chop Drive Restoration Plan Takes Step Forward

A plan of action for the eroding East Chop Bluff is taking shape in Oak Bluffs, where the town recently received state funding to get started on a substantial restoration.

State Grant Boosts Repair Project for East Chop Bluff

Oak Bluffs got an early Christmas present this week from the state, which has awarded $225,000 to fund design work to protect the eroding bluff. The bluff underlies the scenic but endangered East Chop Drive.

East Chop Drive Limited to One Lane for Summer

The seaward side of East Chop Drive will remain closed until further notice, as the bluff beneath continues to experience erosion. Selectmen voted this week to restrict traffic on the scenic drive, making this the first time the road has been limited to one lane during the summer.

East Chop Drive Traffic May Stay Limited to One Lane

In an effort to stall the deterioration of an eroding bluff in Oak Bluffs, the town may keep the seaward side of East Chop drive closed for the summer.

East Chop Repairs Eligible for FEMA Funding

A recent engineering study of the East Chop bluff has revealed further deterioration of the region, which was severely damaged by erosion and major storm events in recent years.

But help may be on its way.

East Chop Drive Under Pressure

The scenic rural roadway hugs the long stretch of bluff jutting into Nantucket Sound beyond the Oak Bluffs harbor before falling sharply to sea level as it curves around Crystal Lake, eventually reconnecting with Eastville avenue.

Erosion-Threatened East Chop Drive Traffic Curbed for Winter

The Oak Bluffs selectmen voted Tuesday to restrict traffic on East Chop Drive to one lane this winter out of concern for the unstable condition of the eroding bluff beneath the road. The vote came as the town continues to wrangle for funding to fix the bluff, and as East Chop residents press for a complete closure of the road this winter.

Erosion Damage to East Chop Drive Creates Hard Choices

With storm season on the way and East Chop Drive in a compromised state, the town of Oak Bluffs is considering whether to close the scenic roadway.

At a meeting nearly two weeks ago, the East Chop Association voted to recommend that the road be closed between Brewster and Munroe avenues.