Edgartown annual town meeting

Edgartown Shifts Annual Town Meeting to May

With a massive capital project to redo Memorial Wharf on the warrant, Edgartown voted to move its annual and special town meetings to May 22, as well as add a special election to the calendar.

Edgartown Voters Breeze Through Historic Annual Town Meeting

Edgartown voters quickly approved a complex land deal involving the Boys and Girls Club at a historic outdoor annual town meeting.

Edgartown Pares Down Warrant for Town Meeting Saturday

Edgartown voters are set to take up a significantly pared-down agenda, with a complex land purchase involving the Boys and Girls Club topping the 53-article warrant.

Edgartown Town Meeting Moves to a Saturday in June

The Edgartown annual town meeting has been moved to Saturday, June 13.

Edgartown Moves Annual Town Meeting to June

Edgartown selectmen shifted their annual town meeting and election to mid-June and announced that the Chappy Ferry would return to regular hours.

Town Meeting

“To be or not to be” - stock or no stock - railroad or no railroad - was the principal question before the community last Saturday, and the town and its “dependencies” (?) turned out en masse to meet the emergency. Every able-bodied voter was in attendance, and the people seemed determined that the matter shouldn’t go by default.

Hon. J. T. Pease was chosen moderator.

The second article of the warrant, “To see if the town would subscribe to the stock of the Martha’s Vineyard Railroad,” &c., coming up, Mr. Samuel Osborn submitted the following resolution: