Edgartown conservation commission

Conservation Commission Denies Cable for Vineyard Wind

Developers who plan to build the nation’s first industrial-scale offshore wind farm south of Martha’s Vineyard saw their first major setback this week.

Chappy Boardwalk Case Returns to Conservation Commission

A property owner’s long-running bid to build a boardwalk over a salt marsh must be reviewed again, the Massachusetts Appeals Court said.

Conservation Commission Prevails in Chappy Boardwalk Dispute

The Edgartown conservation commission recently prevailed in a long-running legal dispute with a Chappaquiddick property owner over whether he could build a boardwalk over a salt marsh.

Board Stops Jail’s Work Release Service Program at Katama Farm

Citing concerns about allowing prisoners out on work release in a summer camp setting, the Edgartown conservation commission decided this week to end a work release program between the Dukes County jail and the Farm Institute in Katama.

“Because it’s open to the public and there’s a summer camp there, it’s probably not a good idea for the Farm Institute to have a work release program,” conservation agent Jane Varkonda said at a meeting of the commission on Wednesday.

cow bay

Conservation Agent Vexed by Violations

Exposing the limits of environmental policing, wetlands violations that took place across six and a half acres of privately-owned, ecologically sensitive Cow Bay land were stumbled upon after the fact by Edgartown conservation agent Jane Varkonda while she was in the area on other business.

The violations took place on property leading to Cow Bay beach owned by C. Dean Metropoulos of Connecticut.