Edgartown post office

Edgartown Post Office Has Surprise Delayed Opening

here was a great deal of confusion at the Edgartown Post Office Tuesday morning, where the service windows did not open until after 11:15 a.m.

Edgartown Post Office Reopens

The main Edgartown post office near the Triangle reopened Tuesday morning after a two-month closure because of water damage.

Faulty Construction Found at Edgartown Post Office Building

Records for the project at the Triangle show a pattern of mistakes and faulty construction since work began this winter. The building was closed abruptly on April 1 due to water damage.

Edgartown Post Office Will Temporarily Relocate to Old Library

The Edgartown post office will temporarily relocate to the former town library on North Water street in the next few weeks as town officials, the postal service and the building owner work to assess water damage that has left the post office closed since last Friday.

Post Office Closure Causes Backlash

Frustration marked the Edgartown selectmen’s meeting over the situation at the Triangle, where the main post office has been closed since Friday.

Edgartown Post Office Temporarily Closed; Customers Sent to Vineyard Haven

The Edgartown Post Office has been closed since Friday morning and operations temporarily moved to Vineyard Haven because of water damage.

Neither Snow Nor Rain (Unless It Comes Through the Roof) Will Stay These Couriers

With the roof removed and construction underway on new apartments above the Edgartown Post Office, rainfall has led to two closures of the town post office in the last week.

Mailbox Full: Service Slows at Post Office in Edgartown

Regina Weichert has come to dread the part of the day that brings her to the Edgartown post office, and as she emerged from the facility yesterday afternoon with a pile of mail, she could only sigh.

"Do you want to know how bad the line is?" she asked as she made her way to her car. "It's terrible. It's always terrible."