Katama Airfield Recount Ends in a Tie

A painstaking hand recount supervised by the Edgartown town clerk Monday found the vote for a new Katama Airfield hangar was a tie.

Edgartown Approves Spending, Pays Tribute to Retiring Moderator

Edgartown sped through a lengthy town meeting agenda Tuesday, approving spending and a $36.8 million budget. Voters chose moments for discussion, including tributes to the moderator.

Voters Elect Incumbents, Edgartown Says No to Fluoride

Edgartown voters said no to fluoride in town water and a new airplane hangar and re-elected Arthur Smadbeck as selectman Thursday. Greg Coogan and Jason Balboni were elected to two seats on the Oak Bluffs board of selectmen and West Tisbury passed a $400,00 budget override.

Mopeds and Spending Occupy Annual Town Meetings

Voters took the first steps to ban rental mopeds and paid heartfelt tribute to a retiring moderator at annual town meetings Tuesday night.

Super Tuesday: Four Island Towns Gather for Town Meetings Tonight

A hotly-debated proposal to build a new Tisbury school, a first step toward banning mopeds, and lots of spending is on the agenda tonight as annual town meetings convene in Edgartown, Oak Bluffs, Tisbury and West Tisbury.

After 43 Years, a Moderator Hangs Up His Gavel

If annual town town meetings are the heartbeat of Edgartown, moderator Jeff Norton has set the rhythm for as long as most people can remember.

Edgartown Voters to Wrestle with Large Budget Overrides

A growing budget, a lengthy agenda featuring nearly $6 million in budget overrides and the end of an era await Edgartown voters when they gather next week for special and annual town meetings.

Edgartown Town Administrator Pam Dolby Announces Retirement

Edgartown town administrator Pamela Dolby has announced her retirement after more than 40 years working for the town, including 12 years as town administrator. She will stay on until July.

Fluoride Plan Continues to Draw Heat in Edgartown

Emotions ran high in Edgartown this week over a recent board of health decision to move forward with a plan to add fluoride to town water.

Edgartown Backs Housing Initiative, Marijuana Ban

Edgartown voters swiftly approved a new affordable housing development off Meshacket Road and a temporary moratorium on retail marijuana sales at a special town meeting Tuesday. But they balked before approving a ban on public marijuana consumption.