Eisenhauer Gallery

Restoring Human Dignity, One Portrait at a Time

At a time when most people are encountering each other with half their facial features masked, the latest portraits in Janice Frame’s Red Dancers series are exceptionally appealing.

Taking the Plunge on a Creative Journey

Tracey Sylvester Harris's artwork will be part of the group show Dive In at the Eisenhauer Gallery. An opening reception is Saturday.

Eisenhauer Gallery Offers Contemporary Take on Classic Images

As the years have progressed, Elizabeth Eisenhauer's Eisenhauer Gallery has moved toward more contemporary art, although many of the paintings that she sells still have a nautical or seaside vibe to them.

Eisenhauer Gallery Exhibit Embodies Many Artists

The Eisenhauer Gallery’s second exhibit of the season, entitled Embody, opens Thursday, July 15, with a reception from 6 to 8 p.m. with libations and live music by Mike Benjamin

This collection of art encases figurative works from Kathy Jones, Justin Taylor, Jylian Gustlin, Melinda Morrison, Rebecca Kinkead and the gallery’s newest artist, Carol Bennett. The exhibit correlates the very distinctive styles of our artists through their shared thematic interpretations of “the body.”


Cue the Lights and Start the Seduction: Eisenhauer Gallery Opens Group Show

Cheri Christensen’s No Country for Old Cows sits on a wall in Eisenhauer Gallery in Edgartown. True to the name, it’s a painting of cattle. But the artist’s use of light, a faint yellow outline around her subjects, gives the cows an aura of majesty, as if rays of the setting sun chose only to fall on them.