As Winter Storms Accelerate, So Does Coastal Erosion

Erosion on the Island’s coastline — a process as old and familiar as the Island itself — has accelerated to a point of critical concern this winter, battering South Beach, flattening dunes in Katama, flooding key intersections and roadways and crumbling cliffs at Lucy Vincent and Squibnocket.

Storm Leaves Severe Beach Erosion, and Plumbers Are Busy

The intense winter storm followed by extremely frigid temperatures caused severe tidal erosion and sent Island plumbers scrambling on frozen pipe calls over the weekend.

East Chop Drive Restoration Plan Takes Step Forward

A plan of action for the eroding East Chop Bluff is taking shape in Oak Bluffs, where the town recently received state funding to get started on a substantial restoration.

Chappaquiddick Is Laboratory for Study of Erosion

Wasque Point, the popular fishing spot at the eastern tip of the Island has been the subject of ongoing study in recent years, as wind, waves and tides create one of the most dynamic coastal systems in the state.

State Grant Boosts Repair Project for East Chop Bluff

Oak Bluffs got an early Christmas present this week from the state, which has awarded $225,000 to fund design work to protect the eroding bluff. The bluff underlies the scenic but endangered East Chop Drive.

MVC Hears Unorthodox Plan to Reverse Erosion at Wasque

Can severe erosion be slowed at the easternmost tip of Chappaquiddick? Mal Jones of West Tisbury has a concept he believes will work, by sinking a 190-foot barge in the water offshore.

Tribe Granted Funds to Restore Land Affected by Hurricane Sandy

A recent round of grants will help the Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head (Aquinnah) manage and restore more than 230 acres of land affected by the 2010 hurricane, including the herring run between Menemsha and Squibnocket Ponds.

Threatened by Erosion, Chilmark Cottage to be Moved

A small house on the Wequobsque Cliffs will be moved 95 feet back from the edge of the cliff. Given the rate of erosion, one member of the Chilmark conservation commission wondered if it is far enough.

Oak Bluffs Receives Major Grant to Repair North Bluff

Oak Bluffs received a $3.6 million grant on Monday to help repair the North Bluff. The money brings the total to $7.5 million in outside funding for the town.

Next Phase Begins for Schifter Property: Restoring the Land

The Edgartown conservation commission grapples with an extensive landscape plan to restore the oceanfront Schifter property on Chappaquiddick where an 8,000-square-foot house was recently moved.