As Breach Retreats, Erosion Picks Up Speed

Dramatic changes are taking place again at Wasque where the Norton Point breach continues to have a mind of its own. The breach has retreated 800 feet since September, leaving one summer house at the brink.

Century-Old Chappy Development Plan Swims With the Fishes

Promoted by the State Street Trust Co. of Boston in 1913, the 775-lot Chappaquiddick-By-The-Sea was never built. But if it had been, many of the cottages might not be there today.

Film Follows Chappy Erosion Story and Raises Awareness

A full house gathered last Tuesday night at the Vineyard Haven Public Library for a presentation of one of the most pressing issues facing the Island: coastal erosion. The program featured a screening of Kathie Rose’s short documentary The Breach, about erosion on Chappaquiddick, and a talk by Bob Woodruff detailing changes to the South Shore as a whole.

Erosion-Threatened East Chop Drive Traffic Curbed for Winter

The Oak Bluffs selectmen voted Tuesday to restrict traffic on East Chop Drive to one lane this winter out of concern for the unstable condition of the eroding bluff beneath the road. The vote came as the town continues to wrangle for funding to fix the bluff, and as East Chop residents press for a complete closure of the road this winter.

Stonewall Beach House Will Be Moved Due to Erosion

A family-owned camp of small houses overlooking Stonewall Beach is set to be moved due to severe erosion. The Chilmark zoning board of appeals voted unanimously on Wednesday to allow a house and several outbuildings to be relocated at the Langmuir property on Greenhouse Lane.

Erosion Damage to East Chop Drive Creates Hard Choices

With storm season on the way and East Chop Drive in a compromised state, the town of Oak Bluffs is considering whether to close the scenic roadway.

At a meeting nearly two weeks ago, the East Chop Association voted to recommend that the road be closed between Brewster and Munroe avenues.

Solutions Proposed in Special Report on Coastal Erosion

The Gazette continues its special project on coastal erosion. Two new stories explore the topic of planning for retreat, how scientists used to think about it and how that thinking has changed. Two new stories today explore the topic of planning for retreat, how scientists used to think about it and how that thinking has changed.

Shrinking Borders

In the fullness of time, coastal scientists say, Martha’s Vineyard will disappear back into the ocean and new islands will form on what is now Georges Bank. It is part of a grand cycle of sediment redistribution, where land is not lost, but simply transported from one spot to another.

Trapped Groundwater Hastens Erosion at Gay Head Cliffs

As rapid erosion continues to threaten the Gay Head Light, a possible solution emerged this week to help mitigate the situation as the town embarks on a complicated, longer-term project to move the lighthouse.

Relocation of Main Schifter House is Complete

After several days of inching forward along a deep, wide sandy trench, a Chappaquiddick home arrived late Tuesday at its new location farther away from a rapidly eroding bluff.

It’s been less than a year since emergency actions began to save the Wasque home of Richard and Jennifer Schifter. The key part of the project came this week with the move of the 8,300-square-foot main house.