Lucy Vincent’s Disappearing Act

For Martina Mastromonaco, Chilmark beach superintendent, the horseshoe she found recently on a dune at the west end of Lucy Vincent Beach is no lucky charm.

On the contrary, she thinks the ancient-looking piece of metal is a bearer of bad tidings. The game of throwing horseshoes at the beach has not been popular for many years, she reasons, so the fact that the ocean has uncovered this artifact now is a stark illustration of how fast her beach is disappearing.


South Shore Erosion Divides Lucy Vincent Beach in Two

Coastal erosion has split Lucy Vincent Beach, temporarily cutting off a portion frequented by nude bathers at the point of a fossil-encrusted cliff, stretching the beach patrol and putting swimmers at risk.

Geology of Vineyard Coastline Written in Cliffs and Boulders, From Lucy Vincent to Katama

Geological time mostly runs incredibly slowly, in measures of hundreds of thousands, if not millions or billions of years. No wonder Bob Woodruff was excited about what happened over the weekend.

Erosion Changes Shape of Vineyard Fragile Shorelines, Coastal Roadways Feel the Effects

On a calm day, ocean waves lap on the beach less than 20 feet from East Chop Drive in Oak Bluffs. The edge of the road is already breaking up.

Will Check Erosion at Highland Bluff

Work on the East Chop bulkhead and jetties to prevent further erosion of the sightly cliff and drive, began on Tuesday when a gang of workmen in charge of superintendent H. L. Curtis of C. W. Blakelee and Sons, Inc., of New Haven, Conn., made the first preparatory moves on the big job at the foot of Atlantic avenue where the bulkhead will begin.