Fin whales

Norton Point Reopens After Dead Whale Taken to Sea

Norton Point was reopened Wednesday morning after a dead fin whale was towed out to sea.

Finback Whale Spotted Off North Shore

David Tilton and Lynn Silva were out making their typical derby rounds Friday afternoon when they came across a whale in 20 to 25 feet of water just off the Brickyard on the Chilmark north shore.

Floating Finback Whale Discovered Near Noman's Land

A dead juvenile finback whale was found floating in the ocean between the Vineyard and Noman’s Land last Friday.

David Damroth, a Chilmark resident, said he spotted the whale from a hill above Squibnocket Beach. He later took his boat out on the water and got a closer look at the animal, which was largely intact, he said. The only marks he saw were from scavenging seagulls.

Finback and Humpback Whales

Several shoals of fin-back and hump-back whales were seen a day or two since from five to fifteen miles south-east of Noman’s Land, Vineyard Sound. They were in sight nearly all day on Thursday, and were in shoals of about fifteen.