Fourth of July

Rockets Red Glare: Fourth of July Arrives

Signs of the times are everywhere.

Across the Vineyard, Stories of the Fourth

On the day that America celebrated its independence, and that Edgartown held the big parade, another kind of parade streamed through the tiny avenues of the Camp Ground in Oak Bluffs; a tetherball tournament entertained employees of the Vineyard Yacht Club; and, by night, post-fireworks revelers flocked to Circuit avenue, sidestepping the blobs of melted ice cream left behind by toddlers before their bedtime.

It was a warm and sunny weekend, until rains came Monday afternoon; and the Vineyard took full advantage.

Island Parade Honors September Heroes

This Fourth of July parade was clearly the biggest. Last night's fireworks were vivid and colorful. And those words can also be used to describe a parade that was so large that it took nearly two hours to run its course.

Edgartown fire chief Tony Bettencourt said: "It was absolutely the largest. It was incredible."

July Fourth Parade Salutes National Day; Festivities Draw Applause from Big Crowds

Even though the sun took the Fourth of July off, people across the Island found plenty of ways to celebrate Independence Day.

The sharp breezes and daunting sky kept folks off the beach. A survey of Norton Point Beach at midday showed only a handful of people, most of whom traded sunblock for sweaters. In fact, more state police than vacationers braved that territory.

The weather and slow morning nudged people toward their favorite restaurants for a leisurely breakfast.

Vineyard Turns to Celebrate a Nation; July Fourth Parade and Fireworks Are Set

It's time to pull out the red, white and blue and join with other Islanders for Independence Day festivities. Edgartown plays host tomorrow to a Fourth of July parade and fireworks display. If you want to join the holiday fun, read along for details about the day.

Gen. Charles Grey Brings Revolution to the Island

Anne Morrow Lindbergh wrote, “It doesn’t matter that it can’t last, that we don’t find it more often. To know that there has been such perfection - it is worth living for. It exists. It has been - it is. One can contemplate it and feel a complete peace.”
We reach into the past to uncover characters, words or deeds that may reaffirm our belief in the principles of our nation or the lifestyle of our Island. We try to create an idyllic past - the ‘perfection’ of which Mrs. Lindbergh wrote - so that we may strive toward an idyllic future.

Edgartown’s Honor Roll Unveiled in Bronze All The Island Celebrates July Fourth

To the martial music of her own brass band, Edgartown staged a parade in celebration of the Fourth and in honor of her veterans of the World war, which must have convinced these forty-five youths and men that they still stand ace-high in the estimation of their fellow townsmen. For Edgartown does not forget and she proved that memorable fact in a memorable fashion.

The Fourth of July

The Fourth of July, the anniversary of the Nation’s independence, passed off in this town, without any public demonstration of joy, and the stillness of the Sabbath reigned throughout the day; but from many hearts devout aspirations of gratitude ascended...