Gay Head Light

Foundation Work Next Engineering Feat at Lighthouse

The Gay Head Light relocation project continues, with a foundation of concrete blocks slowly rising around a gridwork of steel beams that supports the 400-ton structure. On May 30, the lighthouse was moved inland from the eroding cliffs.

Day Three: Cheers All Around as Historic Lighthouse Move Is Complete

With the smash of a champagne bottle and loud cheers, the Gay Head Light came to rest Saturday directly above the spot where experts believe it will be safe from erosion for 150 years or more.

Day Two: Gay Head Light Nears the Finish Line

Working at an accelerated pace, crews moving the Gay Head Light expect to finish the job by Saturday morning. The lighthouse move began Thursday morning with much fanfare; the 1856 brick tower will travel 129 feetl east of the eroding cliff edge.

Day One for Gay Head Light Move: 1856 Brick Tower Travels 52 Feet

Just before noon on Thursday the Gay Head Light departed the spot where it has stood for 159 years. The Island's oldest lighthouse headed for its new home about 175 feet from the eroding Gay Head cliffs.

History Moves Very Slowly as Lighthouse Heads to Safety

Crowds gathered Thursday to watch the Gay Head Light move slowly away from eroding cliffs.

Where to Watch the Lighthouse Move

As the Gay Head Light slowly moves to its new location, the public will be invited to witness the progress on Saturday.

Moving Day: Gay Head Light Begins to Roll

Just before noon on Thursday, the Gay Head Light departed the spot where it has stood for 159 years. The Island’s oldest lighthouse is now slowly headed for its new home about 175 feet from the eroding clay cliffs.

Ahead of Schedule, Gay Head Light Move Set to Begin Thursday

The Gay Head Light move is now expected to begin around mid-day Thursday, project managers for the relocation project said today. Favorable soil and weather conditions and the fine-tuned coordination of contractors working at the site has put the project well ahead of schedule.

How to Move a Lighthouse? Step One: Dig a Really Big Hole

About 3,500 tons of soil, boulders and clay have been removed from around the Gay Head Light and its new location 129 feet to the east. Contractors are now working to install steel beams underneath the lighthouse. The move is expected to begin in early June.

Economics of Lighthouse Move Trickle Down to Local Shops

With the Gay Head Light relocation project under way and temporary parking rules in place at Aquinnah Circle, shop owners at the cliffs are hoping to weather the changes and eventually to benefit from the publicity surrounding the move.