Gay Head Light

3D Model Helps Set Stage for Gay Head Light Relocation

A grant received by the committee to save the Gay Head Light will allow three-dimensional scanning to create an accurate model, as preparations continue for relocating the old lighthouse.

Gay Head Light on Track for Town Ownership

Preservation and stewardship are crucial themes in the next phase for the old Gay Head Light.

Aquinnah Seeks Islandwide Aid to Save Gay Head Light

Seeking Islandwide support for the relocation of the historic Gay Head Light, the town of Aquinnah will ask the five other Vineyard towns to commit to spending Community Preservation Act money next year to help pay for the move.

Saving the Gay Head Light, Rallying the Cause

Stand on the north shore of the Vineyard at any point as the sun begins to set and look to the west. As the last light of day floods the land and sea, in the distance you will see the silhouette of the lighthouse, a lonely sentinel standing on a promontory of land at the westernmost edge of the Vineyard.

Three Parties Express Interest in Taking Ownership of Gay Head Light

The General Services Administration has received three letters of interest for ownership of the Gay Head Light, as planning and fundraising efforts get under way to move the lighthouse which is threatened by severe erosion. The lighthouse has been declared surplus property and the town of Aquinnah hopes to take ownership of the historic tower.

One of the letters of interest is from the town and was sent earlier this month.

When Beloved Icons Are on the Front Line

This is not just a story, it's a love story. In 1799 President John Adams commissioned the building of an eight-sided wooden lighthouse which marked the birth of the Gay Head Light.

Clock is Ticking on Effort to Save Gay Head Light

The federal government formally declared the Gay Head Light surplus property Thursday, clearing the way for the town of Aquinnah to take ownership of the lighthouse which is now critically endangered due to erosion.

The General Services Administration posted the notice Thursday, making the lighthouse surplus property. Aquinnah voters have already agreed that the town will apply to take ownership.

National Trust for Historic Preservation Declares Gay Head Light Endangered

The National Trust for Historic Preservation announced in a ceremony at the Gay Head Cliffs Wednesday morning that it had named the Gay Head Light to its 2013 list of America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places.

gay head lighthouse

Study Will Illuminate Lighthouse’s Future

As erosion inches the Gay Head Lighthouse closer to the edge, the Martha’s Vineyard Museum is moving ahead with a study to assess the urgency of relocating the 156-year-old structure.

The study will take place over the course of three years and provide a “more realistic” prediction of what the long-term needs are for the area, museum director David Nathans said yesterday.

Society Wages Campaign for Lighthouses

Lighthouses define the character of Martha’s Vineyard. They guide people from land and sea to the same shorelines, sheltering them under beacons of home.
Today, the Island’s lighthouses are deteriorating. Bricks are crumbling in the breeze, and iron is flaking away in the salt air. Before long, these landmarks could be reduced to brittle, rotting shells.