The Golf and Tennis Club

The Edgartown Golf and Tennis Club has opened its links at “Pineside,” a little to the north of upper Main street. The course is 2,540 yards long, and is, in the opinion of experts, an unusually successful reproduction of golfing condition on the downs of Scotland, where the game originated. A tennis court is projected for the near future. Membership in the Club, entitling one to all privileges, costs, for men $4.00, for women $2.00 and for children under fifteen $1.50 per year. Guests’ tickets may be had at 25c each. The treasurer is Mr. John E. White.

The Edgartown Golf and Tennis Club

The Edgartown Golf and Tennis Club was organized this week, and starts off with a good list of members, which it is hoped will be much increased with the next month. Good grounds are to be secured, and it is going to be quite the correct thing to become a member and play golf this summer. The officers chosen temporarily are J. R. Hanmer, president, and John E. White, treasurer.

Martha’s Vineyard Golf Tournament

Mr. Elmes, the proprietor of the links, announces that on Aug. 20, 21, and 22, he is arranging for a ladies’ and gentlemen’s golf tournament, open to all members of the club. There will be three prizes in each contest, consisting of English pewter mugs, ladies’ and gentlemen’s caddy bags, and gun metal putters. The prizes are ordered and will be on exhibition early next week in the drug store window. Now for good work; it requires practice and the score cards dated, to hand to the committee.

Golf Club

A golf club has been formed in town and named the Nashouohkamuk Golf Club, Nashouohkamuk being the old Indian name for Chilmark. The club consists of ten members who are charter members and the following is the list; Almer M. Newhall, Orland S. Mayhew, Johnson Whiting, Clara W. Mayhew, Osgood N. Mayhew, James F. Adams, Emma V. Mayhew, Edwin W. Newhall, Jr., Inez P. Mayhew, Evelyn M. Adams.

The following officers have been chosen:

Tashmoo Golf Links

The much talked of golf links near Tashmoo, Vineyard Haven, has become a reality. The course was laid out by Mr. Alex. H. Findlay, the celebrated New England expert, and is 2,100 yards in length, 9 holes, starting near the pumping station. Mr. Findlay is of the opinion it is one of the prettiest runs in Massachusetts, and by some little work can be made as good as any in the country. Mr. Samuel Look, who owns most of the land upon which the course is laid, is commended on all sides for his public spirit in donating the use of the land.

M. V. Golf Club

Golf, which has become a popular American pastime, has this week made a start on the Vineyard, and Mr. B. S. Elmes has organized the Martha’s Vineyard Golf Club, with links near Pleasant View cottage, upper Main street. The Club starts off with the following list of members: