Grey Barn Farm

Asa Baer

Asa Baer is Grey Barn’s livestock manager.

While many other job sites on the Island are shutting down, Mr. Baer and his four co-workers continue to care for about 90 cows, 60 pigs, 40 lambs, a flock of chickens, calves and a couple of cats.

With social distancing taking precedent, Mr. Baer is scheduling his crew so their shifts don’t overlap. It’s a big change at Grey Barn where the staff is used to working together.

“But cows always have to be milked, so it’s not really all that different,” Mr. Baer said.

Andrew Berry

Andrew Berry is a captain of the Chappy Ferry.

Four years ago he retired from his possition as assistant principal at the regional high school.

“The ferry is like water or electricity,” he said. “It’s an essential service for people that live on Chappy. You have to get everything from groceries to emergency vehicles over there. It’s essential we keep it running.”

Celebrating a Decade Down on the Farm

Molly and Eric Glasgow started The Grey Barn and Farm 10 years ago. The couple is introducing an anniversary cheese (Bon Anniversaire) and this spring will offer fresh bread, baked on the farm.

Rare Blue-Eyed Calf Is Welcomed at Grey Barn Farm In Chilmark

A calf was born at The Grey Barn Farm in Chilmark last week. With about 31 calves born a year at the certified organic farm, their arrival is not always noteworthy, but this one was different.

Behind The Big Cheese with The Grey Barn's Eric Glasgow

As it approaches its 7th anniversary, The Grey Barn and Farm in Chilmark has established itself as a popular purveyor of local and organic milk, eggs, meats and cheeses. Owners Eric and Molly Glasgow will be the first to tell you that every day is a learning day, but their success is undeniable.

Let Us Go Then, You and I, to Eat Cheese

The Grey Barn Farm in Chilmark started with just three cows. Now there are 25 Dutch Belted ladies grazing the fields, as well as pigs and chickens.

Raw Milk Flows Again at Grey Barn Farm and Dairy

All the cows will come home sometime after the first of the year. But the Grey Barn Farm and Dairy is milking again, albeit with a smaller herd, and raw milk in glass bottles is available for sale again at the farm stand off South Road in Chilmark.

Grey Barn Closes Milk, Cheesemaking Operation Following Fire

The milk and cheesemaking operation has been shut down and the farm stand closed at the Grey Barn farm and dairy in Chilmark following a fire in the creamery late Friday. Farm owners Molly and Eric Glasgow said the active milking herd of 22 Dutch Belted Galloway cows will be sent off-Island while the creamery is rebuilt at the organic farm off South Road.

Grey Barn Farm Closes Following Fire in Creamery

The Grey Barn Farm stand has been closed following a fire in the creamery late Friday. "We’ve closed the farmstand for the foreseeable future. Also . . . we won’t be doing tours anymore,” owner Eric Glasgow said.
Claire Nichols

Getting Her Goat at the Grey Barn

On Sunday, Claire Nichols was at the Grey Barn in West Tisbury. “My mom is the cheese maker here.

She’s making yogurt now. I like to play with the goats and walk around the farm.

We just moved here from New York and I like Martha’s Vineyard very much.”