Celebrating the Harthaven School of Island Artists

Growing up in Harthaven, I was surrounded by artists — my father and mother for starters.

Timeless Times in Harthaven

Harthaven is one of those many remarkable places on Martha’s Vineyard where we feel the presence of our ancestors every day.

Celebrating Art as the Moore Family Business

During a conversation Thursday at the Martha’s Vineyard Museum, Andrew Moore reflected on his art career as part of a legacy that spans generations. The museum is featuring his work along with art by his daughter, Hannah, and his great-great-grandfather N.A. Moore.


Harthaven Centennial Honors Founders

One hundred years ago, the community of Harthaven in Oak Bluffs was established when William H. Hart purchased the first parcel of land bordering Farm Pond. On Saturday, about 300 people joined to celebrate that event at the home of Walt and Mary Lee Gifford which was built by Jim Hart, one of the founder’s sons. The Harthaven centennial was much more than the normal gathering of a clan — though it certainly was that.


Planks Exposed Amid Wash of Memories


I remember jumping off the old little wooden bridge that used to cross over to get to the beach by Young’s old house. Also digging the best steamers in that little waterway.

— Polly Pease

Pioneer Harts Set Style for Descendants

“Now we approach the exclusive summer colony of the Hart family, founded by one William H. Hart who spent a fortune building houses here for his many children. On the right you will see the Harthaven Harbor. It was this project that was Mr. Hart’s undoing, for he squandered his wealth in the last years of his life trying to keep it dredged against the ravages of nature.”

Oak Bluffs Town Column

An Auction Bridge Club has been formed in Oak Bluffs.
Some of the sportsmen have been fortunate and several geese have been the result.
Miss Mary Hayden, who has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence P. Hayden, has returned to the mainland for the winter.
The Baptist minister and his wife have moved into the “Baptist Parsonage” and are getting comfortably settled in their new home.

Will Be A Beautiful Estate

There is a prospect that more new houses will be built in the new “Hart Settlement” off the Beach Road. It was our privilege to be shown over the lovely estate and new summer residence of Mr. Wm. H. Hart one day last week. Here are all the latest modern improvements and conveniences. Electric bells and electric lights all over the house and on the spacious piazzas. The interior of the house is of hard wood, finished in natural color. Fine Oriental rugs cover the floors, and the furnishings and hangings are all in keeping. Mr.