New Regulations Push Herring Trawlers Further Offshore

As part of a long-term grassroots effort, federal regulators recently passed legislation to protect dwindling Atlantic herring stocks.

Island Fishermen Hail Strict New Limits to Save North Atlantic Herring

The New England Fishery Management Council voted last week to limit both the scope and size of the commercial herring catch for the next three years.

River Herring Continue Their Steep Decline

Despite strict conservation measures, river herring are in deep trouble all along the Massachusetts coast including on the Vineyard.

Many Hands (and Shovels) Make Wet Work at James Pond

James Pond was the place to be on Tuesday, as fishermen, town officials and others pulled on waders to help clear a channel for herring.

State, Town Give Green Light to Hand Digging at James Pond Cut

With support from officials, a group of residents will get out their shovels and widen a channel between James Pond and Vineyard Sound.

James Pond Cut Is Subject for Study by Town, State

Longstanding efforts to widen a historic herring run and improve circulation in James Pond are gaining momentum. The 50-acre pond is tucked along the north shore of West Tisbury.

Snowdrops Are Nice, but Herring Are Heart of a Fisherman's Spring

The ocean may still be as blue as it was in January, but there is a new fragrance that goes with a warming ocean. Is it too soon to think of a bluefish blitz at Wasque?

Fisheries Group Votes for Increased Herring Protections

The New England Fishery Management Council voted Thursday to limit the number of river herring and shad incidently caught by trawlers in federal waters. The cap is the latest in a series of state and federal measures underway to protect the species of fish, whose populations are at historic lows.

Herring, Mackerel Return for Season

There is a lot more to cheer about on the waterfront this spring when it comes to recreational fishing than a year ago. The fish are here and the list of species is long.

Atlantic mackerel showed up in April. This is a fish we call precious today, although decades ago it was a common spring fish.

Fisheries Council Orders Monitoring for Herring

In an effort to cut down on the accidental harvesting of river herring and other fish, local fishing authorities ruled this week that all fishing boats targeting Atlantic herring must have impartial observers onboard and will be required to file more detailed reports of their activities. The program will take effect beginning next year.