Sailing Into the Past to Protect a Fragile Future

Hokule’a, the famous replica of an ancient Polynesian voyaging canoe, visited Martha’s Vineyard in June of last year.

The Conch Shell Has Sounded; Hokule'a Arrives

It was all hands on deck, or rather the water, as the Hokule’a entered Vineyard Haven Harbor Tuesday for its official mooring on Martha’s Vineyard as part of a round-the-world journey.

Guided by the Stars, Hokule'a Sails to Martha's Vineyard

Next week, the 40-foot double-hulled canoe Hokule'a will arrive in Vineyard Haven for a three-day visit, having traveled three-quarters of the way around the world from its home port of Honolulu.

Solidarity on the Water, Wampanoag Tribe Creates Vessel to Greet Hokule'a

The Wampanoag people in Aquinnah are building the muhsh8n (pronounced mishoon) in preparation for the arrival of the Hokule’a on Tuesday.

Schedule of Events for Visit of Hokule'a

On Tuesday, July 28 the Hokule'a will sail into Vineyard Haven Harbor for a three-day visit to Martha's Vineyard. The goal of the trip is to “weave a lei of hope” by sharing the stories of people working to achieve a sustainable way of life.

On the Ocean or in the Garden, the Key Is Nurturing the Soul

When Hokule’a sails into Vineyard Haven on June 28, the captain and navigator Bruce Blankenfeld will guide her to Tisbury Wharf.

At Sea, Guided by the Rhythm of Nature

Imagine an ocean of islands spanning ten million square miles. Now imagine you must navigate that world without charts or instruments.

Guided by the Stars and the Past; Preserved for the Future

The island was tiny. As we sailed closer, we smelled the sweet aroma of land. We saw a crowd on the beach.

When Finding the Way Means Much More Than Learning to Steer

Chad Baybayan stands about five feet, eight inches tall. He has a swimmer’s body, suggesting a capability of delivering powerful strokes and a strong finishing kick.

Hail the Hokule'a, Twin Hulls of Heaven

To a modern sailor’s eye, she appears strange. Her twin hulls are joined by laminated wooden crossbeams.