Inkwell Beach

In Weekend of Nationwide Protests, Peaceful Crowd Gathers at Waban Park

As protests and violence rang out around the country, a peaceful crowd gathered at Waban Park in Oak Bluffs Sunday morning.

Swimming With the Fishes, Naming Them Too

A recent advancement in the analysis of eDNA has allowed scientists to detect the presence of marine life with just a drop of water.

Little Bridge Flows, Beach Sand Grows, It's a Win-Win

The summer scene is back to normal this year at Pay and Inkwell beaches following a project this spring to renourish them with tons of clean sand dredged sand from underneath the Little Bridge.

Oak Bluffs Beaches Reopen After Temporary Closure

Two downtown beaches in Oak Bluffs reopened to swimming Thursday after a two-day closure.

Town Will Remove Poor-Quality Sand from Inkwell Beach

Following an outpouring of criticism, selectmen announced Tuesday that the dredge spoils deposited at Inkwell this spring will come off before summer. A small group of protesters had picketed at the site one day earlier.

Dredged Sand Is Cause For Concern

With Memorial Day close at hand, town officials in Oak Bluffs are scrambling to remedy a situation at Inkwell Beach where dark sediment has been deposited as part of a beach nourishment project.

Selectmen Hear Concerns Over Quality of Sand at Inkwell Beach

Citizens voiced concerns surrounding the sand deposits from a beach nourishment project at Pay and Inkwell beaches to Oak Bluffs selectmen this week.

Smudges at the Inkwell; Dogs, Trash Pile-Up Raise Concerns

The water isn’t the only thing heating up midsummer in Oak Bluffs. At a Tuesday meeting of the town selectmen, residents held passionate debates about the new lifeguard force at Inkwell Beach and parking safety in the North Bluff neighborhood.

Dogs Would Be Off the Fields Under Rules

The Oak Bluffs parks commission on Monday reviewed draft rules for town parks and beaches that among other things would close parks at 10 p.m., prohibit flower picking and ban pets from playgrounds and baseball fields.

Authored by Nancy Phillips, chairman of the parks commission, the rules would apply to all town beaches and parks, including Ocean Park, Waban Park, Nashawena Park, Sunset Park, Veira Park, Inkwell Beach and the old pay beach.

Starved, Needing More Sand: Inkwell Beach in Oak Bluffs

The Inkwell Beach is a symbol of pride for many Islanders, especially African Americans, whose families have visited this stretch of sand for generations.

The beach - which is no longer than a football field and bookmarked on both sides by jetties - does not have the royal vistas of Lucy Vincent or the commercial appeal of South Beach.