Island Entertainment

Island Entertainment Goes Out in Song

Island Entertainment has rented its last movie but on Saturday night spirits soared as the Vineyard’s music and theatre community saluted the beloved store.

End of an Era as Curtain Falls on Vineyard's Last Video Store

After 32 years in business, Island Entertainment is closing its doors. It is one of the last stores of its kind nationwide.

The Little Video Store That Could

Little has changed about Island Entertainment, Martha’s Vineyard’s only video store, since it was founded in 1986. It’s just that everything else around it has.

Island Entertainment Braves the Sequel

Anything can happen in the movies, and the same could be said for a movie store — particularly if that store is Island Entertainment.

Longtime manager Jamie Alley’s DVD of choice for the last hour of business each night is typically an old Saturday Night Live episode.

“It’s a good way to fill the last hour, and it makes me laugh before I go home,” he said in an interview on Tuesday.