West Tisbury Tree Warden Sounds Alarm Over Invasive Vine

An invasive plant called kudzu has cropped up in West Tisbury and requires an urgent response, the town tree warden told selectmen at their meeting Wednesday.


Non-Native Bullies Shake Down Local Flora

Tornadoes, an earthquake, the edge of a hurricane — all in Massachusetts, all in one summer. This is unusual, as are the record number of recent floods, droughts and storms across the planet. The natural world is in a climate change flux and even the lush, green foundation beneath our sandy feet is shifting — invasive species are quickly and quietly changing the local landscape.


Code Red: Kudzu

We’ve got trouble and it is not in River City. Trouble, trouble, trouble right here on Martha’s Vineyard.

Trouble for the botanist, trouble for the homeowner and trouble for our plants and landscapes: trouble, trouble, trouble.