Where the Waste Goes, I Will Follow

Every year, 40 per cent of the food grown in this country is never eaten. The waste happens in farm fields, during processing and transportation, in grocery stores, restaurants, and in our homes.

Tisbury Works to Repair Drainage Problems at Old Landfill

Problems at the capped landfill will be repaired soon, town officials said this week after it came to light that runoff has been coming onto the new Vineyard House campus nearby.

Vineyard's Last Landfill Closes; Some Mourn It

No More Picking: Vineyard's Last Landfill Closes; Some Mourn It



The days of dump picking, finding a treasure in another man's trash, drew to a close on the Island this week.

Nantucket Leads Way on Waste Recycling

On any summer day a few years ago, a light breeze could carry a thick stench miles from the peak of the overgrown Madaket landfill. Today, to a viewer atop the grassy mound three stories high, only a few pieces of lingering debris around the perimeter recall the 22-acre landfill so noxious that the state forced its capping in 1999.