Deer Seen on Great Plain

A fine, handsome deer, a doe, was seen by George N. Cleveland and various other parties on the plain this morning, last seen in the vicinity of Prada's Pines. Where she came from or how she got here is a mystery, but it is to be hoped her mate has some along too and that they will become permanent residents and rear a large family. It may be observed here that the penalty for killing deer in this State at any time of the year is $100.

William Kelley

Sudden, and yet not unexpected, was the announcement last Friday evening which went from house to house and club to business place, that William Kelley, well-known landlord and busy citizen, had passed away.

Mr. Kelley had been confined to the house for about ten days, although he had been ailing for the past six weeks. The cause of his sickness and death was Brights disease, which, once seated, made fast inroads upon his naturally rugged frame.

Edgartown Golf Club

The Edgartown Golf Club has opened its “Pineside Links” for the season of 1907. The nine hole course measures 2,500 yards. Every effort will be made to render conditions the best possible. Membership fees entitling to full privileges for year, beginning June 1, are: Men, $4.00; Ladies, $2.00; Families, $10.00; Families and Transient Guests $12.00; Visitors 25c per day. “No game shall be played on Sunday.” The officers are: President, Mr. John R. Hanmer; Deputy Treasurer, Mr. C. F. Shurtleff; Secretary, Rev. F. M. Cutler.

Oak Bluffs

Oak Bluffs! May her oaks grow and spread out and flourish.

Edgartown Town Column

Manuel Swartz, the boat builder, has moved into new and enlarged quarters - the front end of what was formerly the Norton Bros. mill building. Mr. Swartz has much improved the building and will be better prepared than ever before to cater to his patrons.

Barkentine Wrecked Off South Side

Six shipwrecked men from the wrecked barkentine Hattie G. Dixon, which went ashore on the reef to the southward of Washqua Hill, Chappaquiddick, about 3:30 o’clock Sunday morning, went to New Bedford on Monday morning to the Mariner’s Home there. As all the men had money they left for Fall River to go to New York to look for another berth.

The New Bank Building at Vineyard Haven

A national bank building, which, so far as its architectural design goes, is unique among banks, is that just opened in Vineyard Haven as the home of the Martha’s Vineyard National Bank. This institution, started in Edgartown 50 years ago, has enjoyed a prosperous existence up to the present time.

Edgartown Yacht Club

At a special meeting of the Edgartown Yacht Club, held at the Club rooms on Tuesday evening, Aug. 1st, the following named persons having been approved and recommended by the Membership Committee, were elected by a unanimous vote as members of the Club: Edward R. Trowbridge, Providence; Francis M. Rachemann, Readville; Schofield Thayer, Worcester; Gurdon S. Mumford, New York; Warren Weston, Weymouth; Charles L. Hill, Boston; Frederick T. Bontecou, New York.
Lott Norton, Sec’y.

The Golf and Tennis Club

The Edgartown Golf and Tennis Club has opened its links at “Pineside,” a little to the north of upper Main street. The course is 2,540 yards long, and is, in the opinion of experts, an unusually successful reproduction of golfing condition on the downs of Scotland, where the game originated. A tennis court is projected for the near future. Membership in the Club, entitling one to all privileges, costs, for men $4.00, for women $2.00 and for children under fifteen $1.50 per year. Guests’ tickets may be had at 25c each. The treasurer is Mr. John E. White.

The Edgartown Golf and Tennis Club

The Edgartown Golf and Tennis Club was organized this week, and starts off with a good list of members, which it is hoped will be much increased with the next month. Good grounds are to be secured, and it is going to be quite the correct thing to become a member and play golf this summer. The officers chosen temporarily are J. R. Hanmer, president, and John E. White, treasurer.