Airport Employment Park Plans Outlined

The 100-acre employment park that the county commissioners would like to see become a part of the Martha’s Vineyard Airport, thereby defraying airport expenses, was outlined in the greatest detail thus far offered, on Wednesday at the county commissioners’ meeting. The airport is the largest item in the county budget.

Wampanoag Council: Tribe Organizes to Protect Gay Head’s Future

To assure that the identity of the Vineyard’s Indians, their history, culture and tribal lands will be preserved, a Wampanoag Tribal Council of Gay Head was organized on Saturday, and Mrs. James R. Gentry elected its president.

Great Harbour Inn is to Change Hands

Robert J. Carroll and former state Sen. Allen F. Jones, co-owners and stock holders of the Harbor View Hotel have signed an agreement to purchase Edgartown’s 200-year old Great Harbour Inn on Kelley street from Richard I. Colter. According to Mr. Carrol, their plans are to open the inn on a year-round basis “with deluxe accommodations and a dining room.”
“We think there’s a market for people who might want to live in a centrally located hotel year-round and have things done for them,” Mr. Carroll said.

Purple and White Downs Nantucket Whalers 26 to 6

The piercing wail of fire sirens and the exuberant cheering of Regional High supporters greeted each plane-load of the victorious Purple and White football team at the Martha's Vineyard Airport Saturday evening following their first win in seven years over a Nantucket eleven.

Open Door Club Now A Memory: Mrs. Edna Smith, Founder Sells Her Home

The little white house behind shrubs at the corner of Cooke street and Tilton Way that, for more than three decades, has been a home away from home for household help in Edgartown, no longer will be welcoming the lonely next summer.

The Manuel Art of Building Catboats, Trust and a Life

The story has been told of a sculptor who was asked how he proceeded in carving the statue of an elephant. He is quoted as saying, “I merely break and cut off whatever part of the stone does not resemble an elephant and what is left has to be right.”
Of Manuel Swartz Roberts, house carpenter, boatbuilder and cabinet­maker, it was said, “Manuel sees the figure that he plans to make in the rough log before he ever picks up his tools”, and this has never been disputed by those who knew Manuel best.

This Year’s Bass Derby Is a ‘Family Affair’

The 27th Vineyard Derby is turning into a family fishing outing with the Tiltons and the Hancocks leading the way. Jean Hancock and her husband, Herb, still lead the boat bluefish division, topped by her record 23 lb. 4 1/2 oz. blue and Judy Tilton nearly knocked her husband out of the second spot in the resident shore bass category as she weighed in a 44 lb. 13 oz. striper, just 5 oz.

Storm Floods the Island on Sunday

Tropical storm Carrie, packing winds , of nearly 70 Moles an hour, overran the Vineyard Sunday, drenching the Labor Day holiday spirit, flooding streets, and cellars, scattering tree limbs and leaves in her path, and generally ruining the last happy weekend of the 1972 summer season.

The Fleet Comes In: New York Yacht Club Arrives Today at Edgartown

Boat watchers, prepare yourselves! The New York Yacht Club’s annual cruise will arrive in Edgartown today. The yearly progress, which touches at several southeastern New England ports, has been an eye-catching summer spectacle for at least 116 years. This year’s fleet includes 106 sailboats and a collection of more than 60 power craft.

From the Wheelhouse Loafer Come Some Seagoing Silhouettes

It is inherent in the human soul to be thrilled by the sight of wind-hardend canvas, even if it is only a picture. There are tales and traditions of men who have been highly successful master mariners, yet who were born and spent boyhood and youth far, far from salt water or even lakes where boats might have been seen, but who had studied a picture from early childhood of a ship in a seaway and carrying sail.