Bike Path Approved

The bill authorizing the Department of Public Works to construct a bicycle path between Oak Bluffs and Edgartown has received approval in both the house and the senate, Rep. Gregory Mayhew announced Wednesday. But, the authorization carries little weight because no money has been provided for the project.

North Shore’s Future Could Rest on Mohu

Mohu, beautiful Mohu, the 218-acre property at Lambert’s Cove famous during the lifetime of Sea. William M. Butler and Mrs. Butler, is exciting attention again in this era of dramatic changes on Martha’s Vineyard. The property is, perhaps, a microcosm or a recapitulation of forces which have been determining in Island history.

Nobska Grounded in Heavy Fog Off Oak Bluffs Beach

Passersby near the Oak Bluffs public beach were startled yesterday morning when, eerily, out of a thick morning fog, crept the bow of a large white steamer heading straight toward shore.

Mince Pie, Cucumbers and Squash, the Way It Used to Be at the Fair

The day was hot, and horsedrawn rigs stood lined against the cedar bars, and over all there hung the smell of peanuts, soda and cigars, except down where the cattle stood, hot, thirsty, in the blazing sun and Old Man Andrews rigged his stand, the targets, and oiled up each gun. He couldn’t shoot while cattle stood so night the butts of turf and wood.

Lt. John R. Painter Lost in Tonkin Gulf

Notification was received this week by his family, of the death in the Gulf of Tonkin of United States Navy Lt. John Robert Painter Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. John R. Painter of Hine’s Point. Lieutenant Painter was lost last Friday in an aircraft accident at sea, when he was flying from the carrier, Oriskany. Details of the incident are still not known.

The Early Days of the Chapel on the Bluffs

The story of the building of Union Chapel just 100 years ago was told in the Invitation edition of the Gazette. Never in recorded history has there been so much change during a century as has occurred during the existence of this chapel.
During the eventful year of 1871 there had been bi-centennial celebrations for both Edgartown and Tisbury, a new post office had been established on the Methodist camp ground, and a new steamboat - the first Martha’s Vineyard - plied the sounds. Also, in that year, the Vineyard Gazette celebrated its first quarter century.

Union Chapel is Celebrating Its 100th Birthday This Year

It was just 100 years ago that Union Chapel raised a spire 96 feet into the air. There was nothing else higher in the rapidly growing community of Oak Bluffs at the time, but a year later the Sea View Hotel was built opposite the new steamboat wharf, and one of its towers was 100 feet high with a flagstaff on its peak adding an additional 16 feet to the overall height. It stood on the bluffs, while the Union Chapel was built on lower ground. The Chapel Hill on which it was built was little more than a mound of slight elevation.

Savings Bank Now Has Assets Over $10-Million

For the first time in its 16 year history, the Dukes County Savings Bank has reported assets over $10-million.
Bank President, John W. Osborn, announced Tuesday afternoon at the regular quarterly meeting of the trustees, that deposits had increased $500,000 since January 15 and now total $9,158,000, which is also a record high. New mortgages added during the quarter totaled $9,158,000, which is also a record high. New mortgages added during the quarter totaled $559,000.

Islanders to Take Part in March on Washington

A group of Islanders will be participating in the March on Washington on April 24, which is being organized by the National Peace Coalition, calling for an end to the Vietnam war.

Vineyard Fishing Derby Celebrating 25th Year

Tuesday, and continue through Oct. 15. Striped bass and bluefish are the game fish to be sought, and for which prizes are given. The derby, often called the outstanding one of its kind on the Atlantic Coast, is also the oldest, in terms of continuous operation.
The derby is known from coast to coast, and close to 2,000 entrants from 22 states attended a year ago.