Gay Head School Out for Summer and for Good

High on a windy promontory at the end of the Island stands the Gay Head School. It is a one-room school with all the traditional trimmings, from flag to red paint, that one-room schools are supposed to have. Outside there is a playground and a pond, and inside there are actually two rooms, but one is used as a kitchen-storeroom-catch-all sort of place and the other is a classroom.
For the past eleven years, Mrs. James Manning has been the teacher at the school, teaching kindergarten through the fourth grade to a varying number of children.

Dana Place Sold

The Lester H. Dana place, with its beautiful contemporary house on the summit of Manter’s Hill, off Tea Lane, and fifty-five acres of land, has been sold by Mrs. Dana to Mrs. Julia Green Sturges of New York.

Killed in Hard Fighting for Hills of Vietnam

Word was received yesterday that Marine Cpl. Daniel S. Bettencourt, son of Mr. and Mrs. Manuel A. Bettencourt of Wilber Lane, Edgartown, had been killed in the heavy fighting for the disputed hills of Vietnam which have been in the headlines for many days. Apparently his death was caused by an enemy grenade.

They Have Seen Nearly a Century of Yuletides

Ninety-four Vineyard Christmas birthdays!
Although Mrs. Annie Vincent holds the Boston Post cane as senior resident of Edgartown (she turned 94 last May, if I am correct) she was not born on Christmas Day itself ninety-four years ago. This seasonable distinction belongs to Christine Pease, who will celebrate her 94th birthday and Christmas together a week from Sunday. What changes she must have seen in Edgartown’s Yuletide celebration!

Posed Pert and Pretty a Viking Does Some Primping

What with everyone and his cat about to celebrate the holidays and wanting to be home with their families, John B. Coutinho though this would be a good time to do a little sprucing up on his already pristine dragger. So little Viking was hauled.
Now that she’s out of the water, she looks like something that belongs on a mantelpiece instead of the high seas. An observer suspects that she’s a touch of the vain side, since she seems almost to be posing.

Touch of Youth is Seen at 105th Fair

The 105th annual fair and cattle show of Dukes County opened in West Tisbury yesterday morning, and the following impressions were gained at 10 o’clock in the forenoon:

Noman’s Land Again

The visit to Noman’s Land the other day by Bertrand Wood who lived on that seaward island long ago and took with him many of the nostalgic memories of youth, directs attention again to the runic rock of Noman’s. The rock was submerged by, the tide and Mr. Wood could not photograph it as he had hoped.

Island Is Special, Secretary Udall Says at Gay Head

In a friendly but eloquent mixture of encouragement, advice and warning to the whole Island, Secretary of the Interior Steward L. Udall formally dedicated the colorful clay cliffs of Gay Head as a National Landmark on Saturday afternoon.

Dr. Fisher House Bought By Strocks

The Dr. Daniel Fisher house next to the Methodist Church in Edgartown, a noble Greek revival mansion which has been for many years one of the landmarks most closely associated with the character of the town, has been sold by Alfred Hall to the Strock family. Dr. Alvin E. Strock told the Gazette yesterday that there were no immediate plans for the future of the property other than that it will be preserved in its present dignity and tradition. Mr. and Mrs. Milton Wend will continue to be tenants.

As I Remember the Island 60 Years Ago

There were several deaf-and-dumb persons, as deaf-mutes were called, living in the Island towns. Although all of them were considered educated and could read and write, none of them depended upon this method of communicating with one another or with their more fortunate neighbors, but used the sign language.