Pioneer Harts Set Style for Descendants

“Now we approach the exclusive summer colony of the Hart family, founded by one William H. Hart who spent a fortune building houses here for his many children. On the right you will see the Harthaven Harbor. It was this project that was Mr. Hart’s undoing, for he squandered his wealth in the last years of his life trying to keep it dredged against the ravages of nature.”

Ferry Goes Into Service Monday

The ferry Islander of the Massachusetts Steamship Lines will make her shake-down cruise on Sunday and begin regular operation Monday, April 15, with four round trips daily between Woods Hole and Vineyard Haven, according to the schedule released today and announced by the line’s president, Paul E. Thurlow.

The ferry is the former Hackensack, used on the run across the Hudson between New York city and New Jersey. She can carry fifty automobiles and seat 500 passengers in service between Woods Hole and Vineyard Haven. Her scheduled time is one hour form slip to slip.

Two Fliers Lost: First Fatality Since War, Off Cape Pogue

Two Navy fliers lost their lives off Cape Pogue soon after 10 o’clock Tuesday morning when their dive bomber, in which they were making practice dives at a target, failed to come out of a dive and plunged into the sea. They were from Quonset Naval Air Station.

Metropolitan Sold

Sale of the Metropolitan Hotel property, Oak Bluffs, which was largely destroyed by fire some weeks ago, was announced on Tuesday by Rodney D. Marks, former owner, who said that the property has been purchased by Krikor (Jerry) Barmakian, former restaurant proprietor, also of Oak Bluffs. Mr. Barmakian left the Island on Tuesday morning, to be gone for several days, and thus cou1d not be located, but Mr.

Ancient Hostelry Now Great Harbour Inn

It was announced this week by Richard L. Colter, that this famous old Edgartown hotel has been renamed Great Harbour Inn.

Peaked Hill Deserted

The barracks at Peaked Hill are de­serted. The Army radar station, in­stalled and opened under circumstances of great secrecy in the early days of the war, is closed and locked, its war service completed.

Hospital Presented with a Georgian Mansion

One of the most beautiful and perhaps the most imposing of the Vineyard’s old houses is to be presented by its present owners, Mr. and Mrs. Martin B. Faris of East Chop and New York, to the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, whose trustees voted last week to accept this handsome gift.

It’s “Sanderson’s” Still

The sale of the S. M. Mayhew Company general store in West Tisbury, reported as in progress by the Gazette some weeks ago, was completed last week and the business formally changed hands Saturday night. Charles A. Turner, proprietor, turned the business over to Albion A. Alley, long his chief clerk, and thus the establishment, conducted in the same building and on the same site since 1858, changed hands for the third time in its history. The several proprietors who have owned and operated the store were Nathan Mayhew, the founder, blacksmith and Forty-niner, his two sons, Sanderson M.

Experimental Base a Well-Kept Secret

The well-kept secret of the Army's experimental base at Katama during the fall and early winter of 1943 is disclosed at last, in this issue of the Gazette. Ten miles of heavy pipe were delivered, with other equipment, beginning in August, and during the following months five one-mile lengths of pipe were laid in the ocean with the aid of tugs, and welded together into an experimental pipeline under conditions similar to those which would be encountered in laying a gasoline supply line under the English Channel.

Improptu Parades Feature Jubilee

Enthusiasm of a variety that was wild by Island standards followed the 7 o'clock broadcast on Tuesday night that Japan had surrendered. The natural instinct and tendency to celebrate was manifested by just about every person able to walk and appear out of door; and it seemed, in the down-Island section, at least, that all were present.