Martha's Vineyard Peace Council

Immigration Protest Draws a Crowd at Five Corners

More than 350 people gathered at Five Corners in Vineyard Haven Saturday morning to join a nationwide protest against U.S. immigration policies.

Rev. Alden Besse, Spiritual Leader, Dies at 93

The Rev. Alden Besse, pastor, sailor, president of the Martha’s Vineyard Peace Council and spiritual leader of the Vineyard Crop Walk, died on Dec. 13.

Remembering the Innocents at Hiroshima

Peace activists gathered at the Gay Head Lighthouse at sunrise on Thursday in remembrance of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 70 years ago. Some were first timers at the vigil, but for others it’s an annual tradition.

Sunrise Hiroshima Remembrance

The Martha’s Vineyard Peace Council will hold its annual Hiroshima Day vigil on August 6 at sunrise at the Gay Head Light.

alden besse

Setting a Spell With Vineyard's Pastor of Peace

Years ago, in Whitinsville, the Rev. Alden Besse was asked to participate in a Memorial Day parade. “I thought, what can I carry? Lots of people carry guns and I’ll carry a pruning hook,” he recalled.