Old Sculpin Gallery

Celebrating Women at the Old Sculpin Gallery

Islanders old and young crowded the Old Sculpin Gallery Sunday at the opening reception for She, featuring 60 works by more than 40 Vineyard artists.

Female Forms

Kara Taylor will jury the work, to be shown at the Old Sculpin Gallery from Sept. 8 to 14.

Plein-Air Palooza

The opening reception for the seventh annual plein-air art show is Sunday, Sept. 2 from 5 to 7 p.m.

Youthful Spirit, Creative Wisdom at Old Sculpin's Student Showcase

Work by high school seniors Opal Wortmann, Salyn Yancey and Olin Gannon will be up at the Old Sculpin Gallery through June 22.

Master Shipwright

Manuel Swartz Roberts’ famous boatbuilding shop, in Edgartown, is in the process of being sold.

Old Sculpin Gallery Embraces Outdoor Art

Starting with an exhibition on Sunday, Sept. 3, the Old Sculpin Gallery in Edgartown is celebrating the en plein air style.

An Artistic Tour at Old Sculpin Gallery

Mr. Reade, Ms. Shane, Eva Cincotta and Janis Langley share space at the Old Sculpin Gallery, with art from watercolor to oils to pastels, always with a nod to the Island.

Student Art Show at Sculpin Gallery

The Old Sculpin Gallery is presenting its student scholarship winners show on Sunday, June 18.

Boat Shop That Became a Home for Island Art

When in Edgartown, we invite you to take a walk along Dock street to the northern end. There beside you is a tall grey building. Look up and up and see how it reaches into the sky with cathedral dignity. It has a tower on the front, as does any proper cathedral, and also many windows on the long sides. Farther up are rows of skylights like the clerestory in a Gothic medieval church, but our skylights leak. High in the peaks are two round windows, the glass pink with age, so it boasts two rose windows as well.

Old Sculpin’s Quarters - A Door to Enchantment for His Admirers

There hangs upon a wall at the summer home of Mr. and Mrs. C. Coburn Darling at Cow Bay, Edgartown, the most perfect and eloquent record of a famous Vineyard landmark - the memorable and beloved boat building shop of Manuel S. Roberts.