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State Arbitrators Decide Tisbury Police Contract, Ending a Long Dispute

A state labor relations committee has settled a long-running contract dispute between the town of Tisbury and the union representing the police department that spans nearly three years and four different police chiefs.

The Jan. 28 decision from the Massachusetts Joint Labor Managements Committee for Municipal Police and Fire sides with the town on the central issue of a 3.5 per cent pay increase for patrol officers and police sergeants retroactive to July 1, 2007, the date the contract was supposed to have gone into effect.

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Police Chief’s Comments to a Newspaper Two Years Ago Are Remarkably Similar

Almost two years before he made the scathing comments about the Tisbury police which cost him his job, police chief John Cashin launched a similar broadside, aimed at his former colleagues on the Norwalk, Ct., police force

It was on July 26, 2007 and Mr. Cashin was almost 10 months into his tenure as Tisbury chief when he elected to speak to The Hour, a daily newspaper in his former town, damning the force there for insubordination, lack of discipline and immorality, and calling for a complete shake-up of the department.

Discrimination Complaint Hits Police Department

An investigation is under way into claims by a Tisbury policewoman that she was sexually harassed by a fellow officer and then subjected to retaliatory action from the police chief and town administrator when she complained about it.

In a detailed complaint, filed with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) on April 28, Kelly R. Kershaw said she believed her alleged harasser, Sgt. Timothy Stobie, chief John Cashin and the town were trying to force her from her job.

Tisbury Police Ask Voters for Staff Help

Tisbury Police Ask Voters for Staff Help

Union Wants Two Additional Officers;Issue Will Appear as April Article on Town Meeting Warrant


An unprecedented move by the Tisbury police union will put the debate over staffing of the town police force before the voters at town meeting time in April.

Tisbury Police Department Size Debated

Tisbury Police Department Size Debated


At a Tisbury police labor management meeting Tuesday afternoon, patrolmen said their own safety and that of the public is jeopardized by having a department of only 11 men.

The union wants an increase in manpower. But selectmen have been considering cutting back the department since more than a month ago, when police chief John McCarthy asked the board's permission to hire a patrolman to replace one who recently retired. Selectman Tristan Israel questioned the need, and the debate was on.

Report Issued on Tisbury Police

"The Tisbury Police Department environment is dysfunctional, at best, with continual tension between police officers and management," declares a new report made public at the Feb. 27 meeting of the Tisbury board of selectmen. The 22-page report is the product of a four-month study commissioned by selectmen and undertaken by seasonal Island resident Robert Wasserman of the consulting firm PSComm LLC.

Children Meet Racism on Tisbury Side Street

Two young girls from New Jersey got their first exposure to overt racism this week when they returned from a morning walk into downtown Vineyard Haven and found a racial slur spray-painted in letters two feet tall in the street by the house their family was renting at Clough Lane and Pine street.

Tisbury police are investigating the vandalism that happened Wednesday — possibly in broad daylight — and police chief John McCarthy is looking into whether the incident should be considered a hate crime.

Police Case Settled

Attorneys on both sides of a bitter, four-year dispute which centers on painful charges of racism against the town of Tisbury and its police department announced yesterday that a settlement has been reached in the case.

Attorneys for Theopholis M. (T.M.) Silvia 3rd and the town of Tisbury said yesterday that the terms of the settlement are extremely complicated and will not be disclosed until the agreement is approved by both the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) and a Superior Court judge.

Tisbury's New Police Station is Open Next to Old Location

Although it is still without furniture and there are files on the floors, the new $1.4 million Tisbury Police and Ambulance Facility was open for business this week. Still located on Water street and 10 times the size of its 700 square foot predecessor, it shadows the four parking spaces where the old station was once situated.

"I am extremely pleased now that we have something decent to work in," said Tisbury police chief John McCarthy. "We have a building that will serve the community for a minimum of 20 to 30 years. It's great."

After Delay, Work Nears Completion On a New Police Station for Tisbury

The Tisbury police and ambulance facility is nearing completion. According to police chief John J. McCarthy, the department will move into the $1.4 million building within three weeks. "I do see the light," he said. "And that's the first time I've ever said that."

The chief and Allen M. Lieb Architects of Marblehead currently are tracking all expenses to date, giving them an idea how much money they have left for furnishings.