Town Will Spare Music Street Tree From the Saw

An old oak tree that arches over Music street in West Tisbury will be left alone despite its declining condition, selectmen decided this week.

Damaged by Trucks, Old Oak on Music Street Faces Uncertain Future

A large oak tree that graces the east side of Music street near Middle Road will soon die, the West Tisbury tree warden told selectmen this week.

Small in Stature, Huge in Spirit: the Bonsai Club

Every third Tuesday of the month, the Martha's Vineyard Bonsai Club, a group as varied and ageless as the tiny junipers, jades and jasmines in their possession, gathers.

Iconic Trees in Spotlight at Polly Hill

Tucked away in the woods of West Tisbury, the Polly Hill Arboretum has served as a not-so-secret garden since 1958.

Perfect Storms Topple Trees, Altering Island's Landscape

Nearly two months after a string of northeasters battered the Island, environmental groups are still cleaning up thousands of downed trees.

Juniper Berries: Not Just for the Birds

Eastern red cedar is a familiar Island tree.

Lights Are Grand, But Give the Trees a Hand

When it comes to Christmas trees, Oak Bluffs landscaper Mark Crossland might be the Martha’s Vineyard champion of good cheer. Each year he and his employees create a handsome light display in Ocean Park.

Pedigreed Pagoda Tree Gets New Home in Edgartown

A historic pagoda tree will soon find a new home on South Summer street in Edgartown.

Finding Hope in Horse Chestnut Trees

“How could you not be hopeful if you’ve got a tree around?”

Bursting Cherry Blossoms of Spring

This spring’s cherry blossom show was truly epic, perhaps even chaotic for many hearts.