Union Chapel

Union Chapel Announces Summer Season

Union Chapel opens its doors for the summer season this Sunday, June 24.

Julian Armand Cook Speaks at Union Chapel

Rev. Julian Armand Cook will be Union Chapel’s guest preacher on Sunday, August 27.

From Harlem to the Vineyard, Rev. Calvin Butts Preaches the Power of Integrity

On Sunday Rev. Dr. Calvin O. Butts 3rd spoke at Union Chapel about the meaning of integrity, weaving levity and solemnity into his message.

Rev. Calvin O. Butts at Union Chapel

August 20 the Rev. Dr. Calvin O. Butts 3rd will be the guest preacher at Union Chapel.

Charlottesville Casts Shadow Over Debate

A panel debate Sunday at the Union Chapel over how economic issues play into the social justice movement shifted quickly.

Union Chapel Speaker

Rev. Dr. John Silvanus Wilson, Jr. will be the guest preacher at Union Chapel on Sunday, July 30.

Union Chapel Features Reverend Mariama White-Hammond

Taking the pulpit at Union Chapel on Sunday, July 9 will be guest preacher Reverend Mariama White-Hammond from Bethel AME Church in Boston.

Wellesley College President Stresses Need for a Bigger Perspective

In her first year as president of Wellesley College, Paula Johnson found herself in the thick of debate over free speech on college campuses.

Dr. Paula Johnson Speaks at Union Chapel

The season of worship is underway at Union Chapel in Oak Bluffs.

Union Chapel Worship Season Begins

The season of worship at Union Chapel in Oak Bluffs officially begins this Sunday, June 25.