Vineyard Gazette History

The New Machine

All of the photographs in this edition of the Gazette and many of those last week were made into halftone engravings right in the Gazette office on a Fairchild Cadet Scan-A-Graver. The machine was installed last Tuesday by Harrison Morgan and Robert Freeman of the Fairchild Graphic Equipment Corp., and Mr. Morgan stayed on the Island through Wednesday to instruct staff members in its use, and Mr. Freeman was back this week to give further instruction.

A Mechanical Marvel to Help Out Black Gang

Two-Ton Arrival, Blue Streak Linotype, Has Self-Quadder and Other New Devices

A new Linotype bearing the technical name of Blue Streak Master Model 31 was erected in the office of the Vineyard Gazette last week, a mechanical marvel whose weight of a little more than two tons is helping to keep the maple flooring from warping. As indicated last week it got into production in time to help out with the Jan. 7 edition.

Erects New Machine

Albert Brazis, a friendly and good-natured representative of the Mergenthaler Linotype Co., has been with the Gazette gang this week, engaged in the erection of a new linotype machine, and under his competent guidance this newest of typesetting marvels, awaited for more than two years since it was ordered, inaugurated its Island career in time to help out with this edition.

Nearly 500 Present at Gazette's Open House

Almost five hundred persons, representing all Island towns, attended the Open- house of the Vineyard Gazette, held Saturday afternoon and evening at its now home, at corner of South Summer Street and Davis Lane, or, if you prefer, Pilgrim’s Alley.

Plant Partly Moved

Gazette to be Printed in New Office, Set Up in Old

The process of moving the plant of the Vineyard Gazette to the new office began on Friday, immediately after the issue of last week had come from the press. Only one piece of equipment was moved, the big Duplex press, and the operation of taking it apart, moving the pieces, and setting it up again occupied all working hours until Tuesday. The press was tested on Wednesday, and performed well in its new surroundings.

Purchase Completed

Vineyard Gazette Is to Occupy Office, Pre-Revolutionary House, in Fall

Purchase of the former Isaiah Mills house at the corner of Davis Lane and South Summer street, Edgartown, by the Vineyard Gazette was completed yesterday. Plans for use of the property are still in a formative stage, but it will be occupied by the Vineyard Gazette as an office some time this fall. The premises are separated by one house from the present Gazette office, owned by Philip S. Pent, which has been occupied for seventeen years.

Gazette's New Intertype Replaces Veteran of 15 Years' Service

In Face of Depression Latest Thing in Typesetting Machinery Is Installed to Maintain the Plant at High Level

Verses Speak the Island Spirit, Prints Its Charm

Islanders are honored by Jonas Lie, celebrated artist and president of the National Academy of Design, who has written the foreword for a new book of Vineyard poems and prints by Sidney N. Riggs and Joseph C. Allen. The foreword, as written by Mr. Lie, is deeply appreciative of the Vineyard scenery, and refers with understanding to the Island’s sturdy home folks, the theme of the artist and the writer of the book as well.

Mail Away Your Copy of Gazette's First Invitation Edition

This is the first Invitation Edition of the Vineyard Gazette. The purpose is to invite and urge newcomers (and old friends as well) to visit Martha’s Vineyard in 1933. Don’t throw your copy away. Send it to a friend on the mainland, or to someone else who may be interested in a Vineyard vacation. If you wish to save your Gazette, (and many Islanders do preserve their copies), additional papers may obtained, wrapped and ready for mailing, at the Gazette office.

Happy Days Foretold in Gazette's Largest Edition in 87 Years

This issue of the Vineyard Gazette—sixteen pages—is the largest ever printed. Not only is the paper the largest, but the edition will run into numbers far exceeding the total number of papers printed in any previous week. It is not possible as the press run begins to tell definitely the size of the most ambitious edition ever attempted on Martha’s Vineyard, but it will be at least three times as large as any previous edition.